Worlds are over.

Korea is back on top, with DAMWON Gaming. China and Europe dropped to second and third places respectively. After 114 games played, 90 total champions were contested. More than half. If that is a good number or not, I leave for you to decide.

Win rate of both sides was an interesting stat. The Blue side showed huge advantage in the best of one game. But when it came to the Main Event best of five series, Red side dominated. Not sure what to make of it. Maybe variance, maybe draft advantages in current meta.

Some interesting stats with most played champions. Two of the top5 champions had a win rate above 50%.

Also Nautilus and Renekton seem to fill an important role, since they were picked quite often, but had lowest win rates of entire worlds.

Rekkles took “kda player” to another level, having the highest kda in entire worlds :) Surpassing even the DAMWON adc - Ghost. Doublelift on the other hand, did not have a great showing.

Worlds 2020 Recap