We had a full week of data of the new pre-season Patch 10.23. Lots of changes, most notably - Item Rework.

Some champions benefited more some less from the changes, lets see what changed in every role for top 5 champions with the highest win rate.

All data taken from  silver-gold elo bracket games on EUW.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.23


Definitely some new champions. Sion takes first place. Shen takes second. Malphite and Kayle appear in the top5. The only champion that wasn’t really moved out of his placement is Teemo. Go figure, that Teemo would stick around.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.23


Patch after patch, Amumu still on top. Now with new items, stronger than ever with a 58.5% win rate. Incredible. No other champion comes close to that win rate.

Udyr showed up, new items probably sparked some hope into that champion.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.23


Brand still in the top 5, but a few new faces. Viktor jumps straight to number one with a 55% wn rate. Fizz in close second. Vel’Koz dangerously close to being out of top5 first time in months.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.23


Miss Fortune and Jhin are still at the top. But a few newcomers - Vayne and Tristana. They seemed to jump in popularity across all elo brackets. New items seem to favor them a bit. Or at least people experimented a lot more. Will keep checking next week, if they stay around or fall off.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.23


Brand still number one, ever since the buffs he received. Zilean jumped quite high in the standings also. Poke/Mage supports though, seem to dominate, with Janna being the only exception.