With all that is going on due to the most exciting League of Legends world championships ever and the new season rolling out soon on the live servers, there is another piece of attraction waiting for the summoners.

And that is the long-awaited official reveal of the Newest champion to the List, Seraphine. The hype behind a new champion reveal has never been bigger. And now that we have looked into the champion, we understand why.

So who is Seraphine?

With all the controversy on Twitter and other online media out there, Riot has finally decided to make the champion reveal with a Bang. The champion Seraphine is fully based on an impressive musical theme, and comes with some of the greatest sounds and animations. As a pop star, she fits into the world of runeterra with her Hex-tech powered mic that can reach out to anyone, anywhere.

She is designed to be played in the mid lane as a control mage, who can have a great team fight impact along with good one vs one potential if played properly.

So without further ado, let us dive right into the abilities of the newest pop sensation.

Passive - Stage presence

As she is said to be a pop artist in the real world, the name of the passive goes perfectly with the overall theme of the champion.

In this passive, every time Seraphine cast 3 basic abilities, it will Echo. And the last ability will automatically be cast for the second time as an Echo.

On the second part of her passive, she gains additional damage and range on her basic attack, if she casts an ability while being near an ally champion. So this passive already makes her a great team play champion.

Q- High note

With her Q, Seraphine throws a projectile which deals magic damage that scales off of AP. It also does damage based on missing health. So this will be a great ability for assassination and execution.

W- Surround Sound

As the name suggests, with this ability she grants a shield and movement speed at the same time for her and also the ally champion that surrounds her. But the key point to note here is, if she is already shielded, she will instead heal her allies based on how many allies she is surrounded with.

So it basically works like karma Shield, with an additional twist on the healing.

E- Beat drop

With her E, she unleashes a wave of low-frequency sound ray. If any enemy is hit by this ability, they will be dealt with magic damage and a level scaling slow.

So this ability is great for the team fights with the overwhelming chain CC potential it provides.

But like her other abilities, this also comes with a twist. If the enemy is already slowed, this ability will root them. And if they are rooted, this will instead stun the enemy.

R- Encore

Like Sona's R, Seraphine also sends a wave forward in one direction but with a bigger range. The enemies hit with the ability are charmed and are dealt with magic damage.

The twist in this ability is, every champion the ability passes through (whether it is her ally or enemy), the range of the ultimate is increased. So with the right positioning, this ultimate can have a game-changing impact.

Final thoughts

This pop star is designed to be a team fighter that offers wombo combo style gameplay. To play Seraphine to her fullest potential, you will have to play around your team and get all the additional bonuses while being around them.