Hello, Summoners.

I know You have all been waiting for the new item reworks and the changes in League of Legends for Season 11. Most of them are already online and being tested by many players on the PBE servers.

Today we will be looking at the all-inclusive list of the new mythic items. These new broken items will give utility, a lot of damage and survivability that you need to adapt to. They provide you with new options for play styles and give room for more flexibility.

Mythic items

So let us start by looking at the new Mythic Items. Riot has implemented a new tier system for the items. And Mythic is the supreme most Tier. They are so overpowered and broken that you are only allowed to buy one Mythic item every game.

Mythic items provide a lot of game-changing stats, some unique OP active and passives, and a special Mythic passive. Mythic passive adds various other stats to the legendary items you buy throughout the game. So needless to say, there will be more room for scaling in season 11.

Here are some of the noteworthy mythic items that you should know about:

Mythic items for ADC

1. Galeforce (For mobility)

2. Kraken Slayer (Anti-tank)

3. Immortal Shieldbow (Survive burst)

Mythic items for Tanks

4. Sunfire Aegis (Ramping damage)

5. FrostFire Gauntlet (Slow enemies)

6. Berserker Suit (Initiation)

Mythic items for AD Assassins

7. Duskblade of Draktharr (Team-fight Multi kill)

8. Eclipse (Dueling)

9. Prowler’s Claw (Assassination)

Mythic items for AP mana using mages

1. Liandry’s Anguish (Anti-tank)

2. Ludan’s Tempest (Burst damage)

3. Everforst ( Slows enemies)

Mythic items for AP manaless mages and bruisers

1. Hextech Rocketbelt ( Mobility)

2. Axamuk’s Folly ( Magic Vamp)

3. Night Harvester ( Teamfight Multi kill)

Mythic items for Fighters

1. Trinity Force (Burst damage)

2. Goredrinker (Dueling)

3. Stridebreaker (Slows enemies)

4. Divine Devourer (Anti Tank)

Mythic items for Enchanters

1. Shurelya’s Battlesong ( Team mobility)

2. Locket of The Iron Solari (Survive Burst)

3. MoonStone Renewer (Healing over time)

Even though the item list can be a bit overwhelming, The game client will choose the best 3 Mythic items for your champion and show them as a recommendation on your shop. So you can choose the one that suits your play style the most. You can also choose them depending on your team comp and the enemy laner.

Ability Heist

One of the most crucial things to note before going into the new season is the change of cool down Reduction. CDR has now been replaced with a new stat called Ability heist.

CDR used to scale exponentially and had a cap on how much you can stack in your build. But the Ability heist is designed to be a percentage change in your spells, so the scaling is linear. This means you no longer have any cap on the cooldown and you can stack as much as you want.

Removed items

Due to the new mythic and legendary items, Riot had to remove some of our beloved items to keep the game fairly balanced. Here is the list of the items that you will no longer be able to buy in Season 11.

1. Statikk Shiv

2. Spellbinder

3. Hextech GLP

4. Hextech gunblade

5. Adaptive helm

6. Frozen Mallet

7. Athene's Unholy Grail

8. Twin Shadows

To conclude

League of Legends have gone through plenty of changes over the years. Even though this may be the biggest item change they have ever done, it is made to keep the game interesting and keep room for growth.

There are still more changes than the topic discussed above in the new season. But we can not say for sure until they are added to the live server. So let us hold on tight and prepare ourselves for the new Era of League.