Our League Of Legends tier list for patch 10.22!

Season 10 is almost over. Be sure to grab your season rewards.
In our tier list, we analyze all champs in league of legends to create a tier list based on who had the highest win rate and reasonable pick rate.

TOP Lane:

No real surprises in the Top lane. Urgot still on top followed by Garen. Wukong surged up to third place with ILLAOI appearing at the very bottom fifth place.

10.22 Gosu Tier list by GOSU.AI


Amumu. All about Amumu. After the buffs he received, Amumu winrate jumped by almost 3.5%. Straight to the number one spot. Another surprise appearance was Master Yi, showing up at the bottom of our TOP5.

10.22 Gosu Tier list by GOSU.AI

MID Lane:

Not many differences in the Mid lane from last week, the only newcomer is Brand. Increase in win and pick rates, no doubt because of the buffs he received in the latest patch.

10.22 Gosu Tier list by GOSU.AI


No significant changes to Adc top 5 list. Sivir replaces Senna this week, other than that same old with Jhin, MF and Jinx on top.

10.22 Gosu Tier list by GOSU.AI


No surprise here. Brand buffs catapulted him into number one spot for this week, pushing out every other support by quite a big margin. Will be curious to see how players will adapt against Brand, or will people learn to play him even better and his win rate will rise?

10.22 Gosu Tier list by GOSU.AI