Our League Of Legends Tier list for patch 10.21!

Season 10 is coming to an end slowly but surely, so be sure to grab your season rewards.
In our tier list, we analyze all champs in League of Legends to create a tier list based on who had the highest win rate and reasonable pick rate.

10.21 Tier List by GOSU.AI

TOP Lane:

Urgot is back in number one, with just over 53.5% win rate he is still a force to fear.

Garen and Teemo always seem to hover in the top5.

10.21 Tier List by GOSU.AI


Rammus and Vi still top dogs when it comes to mid-elo jungling. With Hecarim appearing in the top5 after a few weeks not being in the list.

10.21 Tier List by GOSU.AI

MID Lane:

Zed appeared as a new challenge for the top spots, but still below VelKoz and Lux, these two seem very solid for quite awhile now.

10.21 Tier List by GOSU.AI


Absolutely zero changes in the order of highest winning champions in ADC role from last week. Jhin is still the king.

10.21 Tier List by GOSU.AI


Very few changes here too, Swain jumped into first place, but the win rate differences are very small when comparing the top 5 champions. Sona showed up again after being absent for a couple of weeks.