Both regions played their grand finals and it's time to look a bit closer at the games and teams that reached the peak.

First of all LEC: Fnatic vs G2 Esports

Infographic: LEC & LCS Summer Finals

With a 3:0 score, it's clear G2 Esports outclassed Fnatic that day, even though the games were somewhat close and at points it seemed that Fnatic were taking over. G2 Esports overcame every mistake or disadvantage they might have found themselves in.

Jankos finished the series with a kda of 12.25. Which is quite incredible.

Perkz farmed like a complete mad man. 10.46 creeps per minute. Way higher than any other player in both LEC and LCS.

Caps had the highest kill participation - 62.53% . But it was clear that having high kill participation with the team was going to be hard. Everyone was making individual plays all over the map all the time..

On the losing side, Fnatic, a few players stood out too.

Selfmade had kill participation 83.16%. Which means that almost always, if anything good was happening for the team, Selfmade was there helping make it happen.

Rekkles unsurprisingly had the highest KDA 3.70 and 8.76 creeps per minute. Such is the life of an ADC in current meta. If your team is losing, you won’t get to do much a lot of the time.

Now let's talk about LCS: TSM vs FlyQuest

Infographic: LEC & LCS Summer Finals

A very close 3:2 series showed us the best and the worst of both teams. Eventually TSM were the victors and here are their most notable players:

Bjergsen finished the 5 game series with 20 KDA. Yes, you read correctly, his combined score was 21 / 3 / 39. That was an incredible performance by the veteran player.

Doublelift had the highest cs per minute at 9.57. Not quite Perkz level, but highest out of any two teams in this series.

Biofrost  - 79.48% Kill Participation. Also, highest of anyone in the series. Having anything close to 80% screams coordination with the team. And I think Biofrost had a really measurable impact in the series.

As for FlyQuest:

PowerOfEvil tried his best to at least farm up, his cs / minute 9.48 was highest in his team.WildTurtle had the best KDA of 3.30 and highest Kill Participation of 78.18%.