Zoe is 4 years old! Released November 21st of 2017. She is one of the “newer” champions in the game, relatively speaking. She came into the scene with a bang, at least that is how I remember her. From being mega broken, to being nerfed, to only being played in tournaments and more often than not, smashing faces. I decided to check if my memories are true, was she really that dominant in the competitive scene. But first some trivia, before we jump into her competitive history!


  • Zoe has 5 skins, with the last one being released over 500 days ago.
  • Zoe is the first heterochromic champion in the League of Legends universe.
  • Zoe was featured as a cameo in a role-playing game, CrossCode
  • Zoe is voiced by Erica Lindbeck
  • During development, Zoe was called Mirror Mage.
  • Zoe is over 5000 years old according to the lore. She is a celestial being in the form of an innocent looking child. But her true age is not very well known, so the number might be way off.
  • Zoe was last changed in patch v11.18, September 9th of 2021.

Competitive History

2018: 456 games 53.9% win rate

She started off really strong. Win-rate wise, the best results she had ever since release.

Most played by Lava and Xiaohu - 19 games each, both at 63.2% win rate. Other notable players: Scout, YaGao, Bdd - 18 games each.

She was played a ton in China and Korea a bit less but still a lot of games in the EU. North America as a region did not play her that much neither in Spring nor in Summer in 2018.

Zoe was played twice in Worlds 2018 Main Event and once in the Play-In stage.

2019: 302 games 50.7% win rate

Her popularity and win rate dropped a bit, but just a bit. She was still very popular. Most played by Xiaohu - 15 games, 73.3% win rate.  Still loved a lot by Chinese and Korean players. With just barely any games in EU and NA. During Worlds 2019, she was picked 4 times in the Main Event and once in the Play-In stage.

2020: 496 games 50.2% win rate

Zoe saw the most action in 2020. Her win rate did not change that much since last year, but her play rate increased a lot. Most played by ShowMaker and Maple - 23 games each, 69.6% and 39.1% win rate respectively. This year, she became a lot more popular in NA while still remaining popular in LPL/LCK. EU seemed quite done with Zoe, apart from a handful of games. During Worlds 2020, Zoe was played 8 games in the Main Event and 7 games in Play-Ins.

2021: 247 games 49.8% win rate

The first year, Zoe’s win rate dropped below 50%. Just barely though. Her win rate took a larger dip, almost twice fewer games than in previous year. But just like last year, ShowMaker played her the most - 18 games with 88.9% win rate. Geez, with that win rate, no wonder. This year though, she almost exclusively played in LPL and LCK, while NA dropped her and EU showed even less interest.

Worlds tendency to increase Zoe’s popularity over the years continued. She was played 14 games in the Main Event and 5 games in Play-Ins.