Ziggs is back in the meta! I repeat, the little yordle is back in action. Not the first time and I bet not the last time. A champion with incredible wave clear and ability to execute towers and a follow up ability to champions like Nocturne, Camille and others. Everything you need in a champion. In this article, I will cover very basic information about Ziggs and go through the history of his competitive play.


Ziggs was released on February 1st, 2012. Almost a decade ago.

He currently has 9 skins.
His latest changes came in Patch 10.16, almost a year ago. What changes do you ask? His passive was buffed.
Passive - Short Fuse

This passive is what lets him destroy turrets now really early and without any real risk in most cases.

Competitive History

2015 - 30 games 36.7% win rate.

The first year competitive data of champions was tracked. Ziggs was played 30 games, with a very poor win rate. He was played almost exclusively as a MID laner.

2016 - 3 games 33.3% win rate.

Played by one player, GBM from NRG Esports in NA LCS Summer split. Still played as a MID lane champion.

2017 - 55 games 47.3% win rate.

Most games played of Ziggs so far. Now we saw the switch and he was played as ADC most of the time, sometimes appearing in MID or Support positions. Most successful players were Slay from GAM Esports in Vietnam and Apollo from Team EnVyUs in the US.

2018 - 18 games 27.8% win rate.

Not a lot of games were played in 2018 and the win rate seemed incredibly low. He was played Mid a bit more than before, but also in ADC and Support positions. Seems like his identity and role in games wasn’t defined that well in 2018.

2019 - 5 games 40% win rate.

Another quiet year for Ziggs. Only 5 games were played, with a mediocre win rate. Three players played him in 2019. PowerOfEvil (mid)  played him once for CLG. He lost his game.

Deft (bot) played him once for Kingzone DragonX, he won his game. And the remaining three games were played by Cerros (mid) from DetonatioN FocusMe. He went 1:2 with the little yordle.

2020 - 29 games 37.9% win rate.

The year the champion saw an increase in his play, but still didn’t manage to get a good win rate going. He was used kind of as a flex pick. As shown by players that played him most.

Deft (bot) and Chovy (mid) from Kingzone DragonX. They both played Ziggs 3 times. Chovy won 2 games, Deft won 1.

2021 - 41 games 53.7% win rate.
And finally, the current year and the reason I am writing this short article. Ziggs seems to have found his identity and is being played more often and is actually winning games. Usually in combination with champions like Camille or Nocturne, his ultimate destroys enemy squishy targets without any real response. And when teams got so much better at forcing enemies to use flashes before crucial fights. Flashless squishy ADC’s for example, are dead against Ziggs ultimate.
Also some team compositions lack wave clear right now, which Ziggs offers plenty. With his undeniably incredible ability to execute towers and increased importance of herald uses. It was never easier to destroy those empowered plates with true damage to structures.