Zed was released on November 13th, 2012. He is 9 years old. This is another article, that will go through the champions trivia and competitive history, to see and compare how well he did over the years.


  • Zed has 8 skins. Last being released 132 days ago. (as of time of writing, 2021 03 11).
  • Zed has no ability power ratios on any of his abilities. He shares this trait with 21 other champions.
  • Zed uses energy to cast his abilities. He is only one of five champions to do so.
  • Zed is voiced by Donny Lucas.
  • Zed is 34 to 35 years old according to the lore.

Competitive History:

2015 - 148 games 56.1% win rate.

This particular data started being recorded and tracked since 2015, so we cannot go any earlier. 148 games with a great win rate is a good starting point though. Most play by dade from Masters 3 and Febiven, Keane, Fox from Fnatic, Gravity and Sk Gaming. (12 games for dade and 9 games each for the rest)

2016 - 53 games 62.3% win rate.

A bit slower year for the Ninja, but still quite a bunch of games with a surreal high win rate.

Most played by Fnatic Febiven! 5 games, 80% win rate.

2017 - 50 games 62% win rate.

Almost no chance from the previous year either in games played or win rate. This year Hai from FlyQuest played him the most, 5 games with 60% win rate. Other notable players who played a few games - Bdd, Perkz, Febiven.

2018 - 3 games 66.7% win rate.

Not going to lie, I expected going into this research, for Zed to be played a lot more over the years. But it seems like Zed is mostly played in soloq, with competitive play being a whole different beast. Only 3 games in 2018 by three different players - Nukeduck, dyNquedo and Yuuki. Yuuki being the only one losing his game.

2019 - 18 games 33.3% win rate.

Very few games for Zed continue. Most played by CheonGo and Nukeduck from Jin Air Green Wings and Origen respectively. Both of them played 3 games, CheonGo lost all 3 games while Nukeduck won 2.

2020 - 4 games 25% win rate.

2021 - 4 games 50% win rate.

Recent years haven’t been kind to Zed either. In 2020, there was only one player that won a game with Zed and his name is Perkz. Others who tried but lost were Rookie, Mickey and Zeka.

In 2021, 3 players played Zed, Chazz, icon and Babip. Chazz won one out of his two games. icon won the only game he played and Babip lost.

The sad reality is that Zed is extremely hard to balance for competitive play. He often stomps soloq as is and if you give him even more tools to make him better for competitive play, he would absolutely trigger everyone in soloq to the moon and back. So either a rework is needed, or Zed is destined to see very little play in competitive play.