It is time. Yasuo was released on the 13th of December, 2013. 8 years ago. It has been a long time for this champion to be hated by most of the League of Legends community. Sometimes banned, sometimes picked to great success in competitive play and sometimes down right useless in games. A very unique champion indeed. In this article, I will go through some of his trivia and competitive history since the tracking of data began from professional leagues.


  • Yasuo is voiced by Liam O’Brien.
  • His early design had him hold two swords, but later on this was passed to his brother - Yone.
  • Yasuo and Yone are one of seven pairs of sibling champions in the game.
  • Last time Yasuo was changed was in V11.22 small voiceover bug fix. Last time his stats were changed was in V11.7 - March 31st, 2021, with a very small attack damage increase.
  • Yasuo has 11 skins, with the latest one being released 50 days ago.
  • Yasuo received the scar on his face from his brother - Yone, in their duel where Yasuo killed Yone.

Competitive History

2015: 90 games 52.2% win rate

72 games - MID, 18 games - TOP.

Most played games Top lane from Team King inSec - 6 games 66.7% win rate.

Most played games Mid lane from Invictus Gaming Rookie - 8 games 50% win rate.

At Worlds 2015, Yasuo was picked 6 times, with a 16.4% pick/ban ratio.

2016: 21 games 33.3% win rate

9 games - MID, 11 games - TOP, 1 game - Jungle.

A drop of Yasuo games and win rate. The only game played in the Jungle role was by Star Horn Royal Club inSec that resulted in a loss.

In the top lane, Yasuo was mostly played by Immortals Huni - 3 games, 66.7% win rate.

And in the Mid lane, 4 players played twice each. Mickey 0%, dade 100%, Naranja 50%, Exileh 0%.

2017: 11 games 36.4% win rate

Yasuo’s worst year. Horrible win rate with very few games played. Only one player played more than 1 game, it was Misfits Gaming Alphari - 2 games, 2 losses.

The only players who won a single game were - Perkz, Rookie, SoHwan and icon.

During Worlds 2017, Yasuo was played 3 times with 3.8% pick/ban ratio.

2018: 183 games 45.4% win rate

Top lane - 9 games. Mostly played by Echo Fox Huni - 4 games, 100% win rate.

Mid lane - 143 games. Most played by LGD Gaming Yuuki - 10 games, 50% win rate.

ADC - 31 games. Mostly played by Afreeca Freecs Aiming - 6 games, 66.7% win rate.

During Worlds 2018, Yasuo was played once with a 3.9% pick/ban ratio.

Yasuo was his only game in the Worlds 2018 Main Event. (Fun fact, he was also played once in Play-In stage where he won his game, having 100% win rate during Worlds 2018)

2019: 137 games 54.7% win rate

ADC - 34 games. Mostly played by G2 Esports Perkz - 9 games, 77.8% win rate.

Mid lane - 99 games. Mostly played by DAMWON Gaming ShowMaker - 8 games, 62.5% win rate.

Top Lane - 4 games. Mostly played by Victory Five Windy - 2 games, 0% win rate.

During the Worlds 2019 Main Event, Yasuo was played 13 games with a 69.2% win rate. He had a 35.1% pick/ban ratio.

The best year for Yasuo. Great win rate, reasonable amount of games in two different roles and great Worlds presence.

2020: 27 games 44.4% win rate

Mid lane - 21 games, most played by Cloud9 Nisqy - 3 games, 100% win rate and Fnatic Nemesis - 3 games, 66.7% win rate.

ADC - 6 games, most played by T1 Teddy - 2 games 0% win rate.

Yasuo did not have any games during Worlds 2020.

2021: 30 games 46.7% win rate

This year Yasuo was played in 4 roles. Once as ADC by Nongshim RedForce deokdam who lost that game. Once in the Jungle, by Dignitas Akaadian who won his game. Two games in Top lane, once by DWG KIA Khan (loss) and once by T1 Canna (win). 26 games in Mid lane. Most played by four players that played him three games each.

Cloud9 Perkz - 3 games 33.3% win rate.

Dignitas Yusui - 3 games 33.3% win rate.

DWG KIA ShowMaker - 3 games 100% win rate.

Oh My God Creme - 3 games 33.3% win rate.

During the Worlds 2021 Main Event, Yasuo was played 4 times, with a 50% win rate.