2021 World Championship

In this article, I will list all of the qualified teams for Worlds from EU and NA.
If you want a detailed list of previous worlds representatives, you can check out our other article here.

League of Legends European Championship

MAD Lions

Top Lane - Armut

Jungle - Elyoya

Mid Lane - Humanoid

Marksman - Carzzy

Support - Kaiser

MAD Lions attended Worlds once in 2020. They finished the event in 19-20th place without making it out of play-ins. MAD Lions were previously known as Splyce, and they played in worlds twice, but I feel like I should only track the current record of teams under their current name.

MAD Lions latest international event was MSI 2021. They took 3-4th place after being knocked out of the tournament in a close 2:3 series against DWG KIA.


Top Lane - Adam

Jungle - Bwipo

Mid Lane - Nisqy

Marksman - Upset

Support - Hylissang

Fnatic is one of the most iconic teams in the entire world in all of esports. Their league of legends roster, time and time again represents Europe at Worlds. Currently with this qualification, they will have played at worlds 9 times. Highest of any other team in the world from any region. (TSM from NA also represented their region 8 times at worlds, but they failed to qualify this year). And let's not forget they were the winners of the very first league of legends world championship back in 2011.

Fnatic Worlds performance:

2020: 5-8th place - 2:3 vs Top Esports

2019: 5-8th place - 1:3 vs FunPlus Phoenix

2018: 2nd place - 0:3 vs Invictus Gaming

2017: 5-8th place - 1:3 vs Royal Never Give Up

2016: did not attend

2015: 3-4th place - 0:3 vs KOO Tigers

2014: 12-13th place - group stage elimination.

2013: 3-4th place - vs 1:3 Royal Club

2012: did not attend

2011: 1st place - 2:1 vs Against All Authority
Full Fnatic Infographic


Top Lane - Odoamne

Jungle - Inspired

Mid Lane - Larssen

Marksman - Hans sama

Support - Trymbi

One of the most solid teams Europe had in recent years. Solid as in, they consistently perform in regular season and consistently underperform in playoffs and best-of series. Rogue came into the playoffs of the summer split as first place, and then quickly lost two bo5 series to end up taking the Play-In spot at worlds. They represented Europe in Worlds 2020 and finished in 13-16th place. Not making out of the group stage of the Main Event.

Hopefully this year they manage to at least make it to the main event and prove to everyone and most importantly themselves that they improved.

League Championship Series

100 Thieves

Top Lane - Ssumday

Jungle - Closer

Mid Lane - Abbedagge

Marksman - FBI

Support - huhi

100 Thieves is an American esports organization affiliated with the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. They already established themselves as a team to fear domestically, but yet to prove themselves on the international stage. They attended worlds once, in 2018, where they finished in 9-12th place, not making it out of group stage. Currently going to represent NA as their first seed.

Team Liquid

Top Lane - Alphari

Jungle - Santorin

Mid Lane - Jensen

Marksman - Tactical

Support - CoreJJ

Team Liquid is a very well known esports organization worldwide. They represented NA at worlds 3 total times wth limited success.

2020: 9-12th place - eliminated in group stage.

2019: 9-12th place - eliminated in group stage.

2018: 9-12th place - eliminated in group stage.

They are yet to get out of the group stage in worlds, maybe fourth time's the charm.


Top Lane - Fudge

Jungle - Blaber

Mid Lane - Perkz

Marksman - Zven

Support - Vulcan

Cloud9 are the last NA representatives. They will have to go through the Play-In stage if they want to compete in the Main Event. Cloud9 represented NA at worlds 7 times in total. A true veteran of the region. This year, however, they imported Perkz from the EU with something to prove, since he was kind of forced out of his region. He already qualified for Worlds unlike the team he left back in Europe and now he is looking to make another deep Worlds run on his own, as he is used to.

Cloud9 Worlds Performance:

2020: did not attend

2019: 9-12th place - eliminated in group stage.

2018: 3-4th place - 0:3 vs Fnatic

2017: 5-8th place - 2:3 vs World Elite

2016: 5-8th place - 0:3 vs Samsung Galaxy

2015: 9-11th place - eliminated in group stage

2014: 5-8th place - 1:3 vs Samsung Blue

2013: 5-8th place - 1:2 vs Fnatic