Grand finals of the 2021 World Championship will be played between the first seed of Korea’s LCK and first seed of China’s LPL. Not very surprising to a lot of people. What some people might actually find surprising is that Korean teams performed better overall. People went into the world championship viewing China as the stronger region with DWG KIA being the only really good team. That notion was disproved quickly, as all 4 Korean teams dominated the group stage and only 2 of China’s did.



A stressful and long series for both teams, where EDG showed their slight advantage one more time. EDG upset FPX locally for the first seed too, when everyone thought FunPlus Phoenix would dominate. So EDG had a hard series in the playoffs to start with.

GEN 3:0 C9

When a western team faces a non western team in the playoffs, it's usually not a very close series. This was exactly what was to be expected. Sure there was some universe where C9 could win this series. But GEN.G took no chances, left very little hope and dominated.

T1 3:0 HLE

T1 are back at worlds with Faker. No matter how “weak” they look locally, you can never count out this team. Faker is an absolute GOAT and undeniably T1 is the most achieved team in the world. So them beating HLE here with ease, is no real surprise, their real challenges rest ahead.

DK 3:0 MAD

Same previously mentioned rule applies, western team versus LCK’s number one team and defending champion. There was only one realistic outcome. MAD, while being pretty good locally, could not put up a real fight. The EU had its problems for a year straight, so no wonder nothing really great came out of this region.



Another 5-game series for EDG. And while GEN.G showed a real chance to win, even leading the series 2:1 after three games, it was clear that EDG is really a superior team. A truly worthy Grand Finalist with a shot to win it all.

DK 3:2 T1

No one expected this much from T1. As much as they are a legendary team with Faker as a front man, no one expected a few rookies to perform this well against the reigning champion. T1 put on a hell of a fight. DK though, showed why they are the defending champions and considered the best in the world. The amount of avenues this team can win through, seem endless. Either ShowMaker just shows up and wins the game, or Khan does or any of the remaining players. EDG has their work cut out for them in the grand finals.