Main Event

EDward Gaming - LPL 1st seed

FunPlus Phoenix - LPL 2nd seed

Royal Never Give Up - LPL 3rd seed

DWG KIA - LCK 1st seed

Gen.G - LCK 2nd seed

T1 - LCK 3rd seed

MAD Lions - LEC 1st seed

Fnatic - LEC 2nd seed

Rogue - LEC 3rd seed (automatically promoted to main-event due to Vietnamese teams being unable to participate)

100 Thieves - LCS 1st seed

Team Liquid - LCS 2nd seed

PSG Talon - PCS 1st seed

LPL & LCK teams in-depth article

LEC & LCS teams in-depth article

PSG Talon - PCS 1st seed

Top lane - Hanabi from Taiwan

Jungle - River from South Korea

Mid lane -  Maple from Taiwan

Marksman - Unified from Hong Kong

Support - Kaiwing from Hong Kong

Returning team PSG Talon from PCS. They finished the regular split Summer in the first place. With a score of 18:0. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. They haven't lost a game in an entire split. They did have to sweat a bit in the Playoffs.

Playoff matches to qualify:

3:0 vs J Team ( a team that played in Worlds 2019)

3:2 vs Beyond Gaming ( upper bracket series against 2nd place finishes of regular split with a score of 14-4 )

3:2 vs Beyond Gaming ( grand final, Beyond Gaming came from lower bracket after being knocked down by PSG Talon )

PSG Talon played in Worlds 2020, finishing in 9-12th place. And MSI 2021 finished in 3-4th place.

Play-In Stage

LNG Esports - LPL 4th Seed

Top lane - Ale from China

Jungle - Tarzan from South Korea

Mid lane - icon from China

Marksman - Light from China

Support - Iwandy from China

Hanwha Life Esports - LCK 4th Seed

Top lane - Morgan from South Korea

Jungle - Willer from South Korea

Mid lane -  Chovy from South Korea

Marksman - Deft from South Korea

Support - Vsta from South Korea

Cloud9 - LCS 3rd seed

Top lane - Fudge from Australia

Jungle - Blaber from North America

Mid lane - Perkz from Croatia

Marksman - Zven from Denmark

Support - Vulcan from Canada

LPL & LCK teams in-depth article

LEC & LCS teams in-depth article

Beyond Gaming - PCS 2nd seed

Top lane - Liang from Taiwan

Jungle - Husha from Taiwan

Mid lane -  Maoan from Taiwan

Marksman - Doggo from Taiwan

Support - Kino from Taiwan

Second seed from PCS, first being PSG Talon. Beyond Gaming is a new organization with no international history as of yet. They finished in 2nd place in both the Spring and Summer split regular season and playoffs behind PSG Talon. In the PCS summer season they were second with a score of 14-4.

Playoff series to qualify:

3:1 Machi Esports ( Machi Esports played in Worlds 2020 )

2:3 PSG Talon ( Knocked them down to lower bracket)2:3 PSG Talon ( Grand Final series )

Unicorns Of Love - LCL 1st seed

Top lane - BOSS from Russia

Jungle - AHaHaCiK from Russia

Mid lane - Nomanz from Russia

Marksman - Argonaut from Ukraine

Support - SaNTaS from Russia

UoL are not first timers on the international stage. The same names keep popping up when we look at the CIS region. Unicorns Of Love finished in first place during the regular Summer split. And took down first place during Playoffs, but they had to go through the lower bracket after being knocked down early.

Playoff series to qualify:

1:3 vs CrowCrowd ( a somewhat surprising knock down to lower bracket, but CC have been challenging UoL for a while now )

3:2 vs One Breath Gaming ( second place finisher of regular split )

3:2 vs CrowCrowd ( rematch in the grand final, a very close series )

Unicorns of Love international event history:

MSI 2021: 7-9th place

Worlds 2020: 13-16th place

Worlds 2019: 17-20th place

Infinity Esports - LLA 1st seed

Top lane - Buggax from Uruguay

Jungle - SolidSnake from Peru

Mid lane - cody from Chile

Marksman - Whitelotus from Argentina

Support - Ackerman from Argentina

Infinity Esports is the only qualifying team from LLA, Latin America.

They won the regular season with a score of 11-3. Then they won the qualifying match 3:2 against Estral Esports to qualify for Worlds.

Infinity Esports international event history:

MSI 2021: 10-11th place

Worlds 2018: 17-20th place.

Galatasaray Esports - TCL 1st seed

Top lane - Crazy from South Korea

Jungle - Mojito from Turkey

Mid lane - Bolulu from Sweden

Marksman -  Alive from South Korea

Support - Zergsting from Turkey

A newcomer team to the international stage. They struggled domestically for years now, but they finally got their dream run! They finished in first place in the Summer Split with a score of 15-3.

Playoff series to quality:

3:1 Beşiktaş Esports ( long time strong team in TCL, they played in MSI 2015 )

3:0 NASR Turkey ( new team in the region )

RED Canids - CBLOL 1st seed

Top lane - GUIGO from Brazil

Jungle - Aegis from Brazil

Mid lane - Grevthar from Brazil

Marksman -  TitaN from Brazil

Support - Jojo from Brazil

RED Canids played in MSI 2017, finishing in 8-9 th place. After that, they continued to show medium to good results domestically, before they finally reached the top. But it came as quite a surprise.  CBLOL league consists of two splits, in the first split, RED Canids finished in third place after regular split and fourth place after playoffs. Not horrible, not great. In split 2 however, they finished in 6th place, just barely qualifying for Playoffs. But in those playoffs, they had a run of a lifetime.

Qualifying Playoff series:

3:0 vs Flamengo Esports ( Worlds 2019 attendee, Winner of split 1 regular season)

3:1 vs Vorax Liberty ( a rather new team in the league )

3:1 vs Rensga Esports ( team that knocked down paiN Gaming, 1st place winners of split 2 regular season and favorites to win it all)

DetonatioN FocusMe - LJL 1st seed

Top lane - Evi from Japan

Jungle - Steal from South Korea

Mid lane - Aria from South Korea

Marksman - Yutapon from Japan

Support - Gaeng from South Korea

DFM winners of regular Summer split and the playoffs. It is rare that this team doesn’t win domestically. Mostly its first place for years now.

Playoff qualifying series:

2:3 vs Rascal Jester ( RJ finished 2nd in regular split, with the same 11-3 score as DFM. They knocked DFM down to lower bracket )

3:0 vs AXIZ ( third place team in regular split )

3:2 vs Rascal Jester ( grand final and what a one-sided one, DetonatioN FocusMe cleaned house and showed the first defeat was just a fluke )

DetonatioN FocusMe international history:

MSI 2021: 7-9th place

Worlds 2019: 21-24th place

MSI 2019: 8-9th place

Worlds 2018: 17-20th place

PEACE - LCO 1st seed

Top lane - April from China

Jungle - Babip from Australia

Mid lane - Tally from Australia

Marksman - Violet from Hong Kong

Support - Aladoric from Australia

Team from Oceania Circuit. They finished 5th in the regular Split 2 with a score of 10-11. They were the last team to qualify for playoffs. But then during the Split 2 playoffs, they won against everyone.

Qualifying Playoff run:

3:0 against Chiefs Esport Club ( Chiefs were 4th place with a score of 14-7 in Split 2 regular league )

3:2 against ORDER ( ORDER finished in second place in split2 regular season with the score of 14-7 )

3:0 against Dire Wolves ( DW finished in third place, 14-7 score )

3:0 against Pentanet.GG ( Pentanet were the winners of regular split, 15-6 score )
Notably, Pentanet.GG were performing really well in this year's MSI 2021, taking 5-6th place there. Dire Wolves played in Worlds 2018, MSI 2018, Worlds 2017, MSI 2017. So PEACE beat teams that were really seasoned and it will be interesting to see what they can do on their first run on the international stage.