Kindred was released 2015-10-14. 6 years ago. To celebrate their birthday I want to continue recapping how well did the champion fared for himself. Now you can immediately tell that Kindred was in the spotlight more than a few times. First lets go over some trivia, then cover the competitive results.


  • Kindred has 3 skins. Last skin released 430days ago: 6th August, 2020.
  • Kindred is one of 11 champions that has an ability that stacks infinitely.
  • Kindred was voiced by two people, Lamb is voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope and Wolf is voiced by Matthew Mercer
  • Last patched in V11.9 April 28th, 2021.With a slight buff.

Competitive History:

2015: 10 games 60% win rate

Top player KaKAO from Invictus Gaming, played him 4 games, won one. Opening year for Kindred with a few appearances.

2016: 372 games 47.6% win rate

Peak of Kindred’s popularity. Score from KT Rolster played 20 games with 55% win rate. Notable players - Xmithie from CLG, Peanut from ROX Tigers and Blank from SK Telecom T1.

2017: 4 games 0% win rate

A steep decline from peak year to almost no games played. And no games were won. Players that tried: Moon from FlyQuest, Xiaoyu from Game Talents, Beyond from MVP and Xerxe from Unicorns Of Love.

2018: 207 games 45.4% win rate

A good year for Kindred. Many games, not the greatest win rate. Haro from EDward Gaming, Alex from FunPlus Phoenix, SeongHwan from Hanwha Life Esports and Score from KT Rolster all had 9 games played with varying success.

2019: 64 games 46.9% win rate

A decline in games, but nothing to worry about! Most played by Xiaopeng from Dominus Esports who played Kindred 9 games and won 3 of them.

2020: 122 games 52.5% win rate

This was the last resurgence for Kindred. Peanut from LGD Gaming played 17 games with an insane 76.5% win rate. Kanavi from JD Gaming  in second place with 14 games, 64.3% win rate. This was the only year apart from 2015, that Kindred had a positive win rate overall.

2021: 42 games 40.5% win rate

And now, fewer games and way lower win rate. One player increased those stats quite a bit and it was Pyosik from DRX. 10 games 50% win rate. Also Blaber from Cloud9 and Peanut from Nogshim RedForce who both played him 5 games with 40% win rate.