2011. The year the first League of Legends World Championship took place. The game was very young and teams were just starting to compete. Regions were not yet well established and the hierarchy was not well known.

At the time, NA was considered better, because the EU had a ton of server issues. But little did everyone know, the EU had a few secret weapons. GO4LOL weekly cups, that propelled the competition forward very fast and Adc+Support bottom lane duo.

Back then, the meta was two tanks/bruisers in the bot lane. With a lot of crowd control, nothing seemed to beat them. But then came the Ashe + Janna bottom lane. There were doubters saying it wouldn’t work, but here came the worlds and rest is history.

League of Legends World Champions


Season 1 World Champions - Fnatic

( wewillfailer xPeke Cyanide Shushei LaMiaZeaLoT Mellisan )

Fnatic won the very first World Championship in all-Europe final against Against All Authority.

Both group stages had NA teams finish in the first place. Fnatic barely making out with a 1-2 score. But that was enough to run through everyone in the playoffs.

Against All Authority dismantled TSM twice and got beat by Fnatic twice.

Season 2 World Champions - Taipei Assassins

( Stanley Lilballz Toyz Bebe MiSTakE )

Season where NA fell behind even further. Now new regions like Korea and China were climbing to the top of the competitive ladder. Europe was the only region who seemed to be able to contest these teams. Moscow Five, CLG Europe stood up to the challenge, but came up short. The big surprise was Taipei Assassins though, because very few people believed that a team from Taiwan could win it all. And they did. History was made that day almost 10 years ago.

Season 3 World Champions - SK Telecom T1

( Impact bengi Faker Piglet PoohManDu )

The Korean domination started in 2013. In the third world championship. The world saw who Faker was. The gap between the EU and Asia grew bigger. NA got completely lost in the shadows.

Fnatic and Gambit were trying, but to no avail. Korea dominated everyone and the only region that seemed to have a chance was China.

Season 4 World Champions - Samsung White

( Looper Dandy PawN imp Mata )

This season already had clear favorites to take it all. Any team from Korean.

Faker did not attend these worlds with his team, they had some unlucky setbacks and eventually lost the qualifier to worlds. But Korea dominated this season too. The only Region who seemed to be able to challenge the Korean teams was China.  But even the chinese team that finished in second place, had 2 Korean players in it. The stock for Korea and their players was rising fast. This was probably the worst season Europe has ever seen. Two NA teams in 5-8 places (TSM and Cloud9). Alliance - 9-11th. Fnatic - 12-13th. This was a season that a lot of fans took as an example to show that NA > EU. And the EU took it personally.

Season 5 World Champions - SK Telecom T1

( MaRin Bengi Faker Easyhoon Bang Wolf )

After the worst EU performance at Worlds in previous year, the EU came back with a vengeance. 3rd and 4th placements in the worlds since season 1 were Origen and Fnatic, two European teams.

NA fell back to being next to last. The winner though, again SK Telecom T1. First time a team won it twice. The team and the Korean region once again established that they are unbeatable.

Two Korean teams in the Final being way ahead of everyone else. And SK Telecom T1 being way ahead of even the strongest region in the world.

Season 6 World Champions - SK Telecom T1

( Duke Bengi Blank Faker Bang Wolf )

Almost the same lineup. The same result - complete domination. The first team ever to win it more than once. SK Telecom T1 won the World championship for the third time.

This was the year, all hope seems lost. Korean teams took all three of the top spots. H2K-Gaming took 4th. China looked reasonably weak this year and it seemed that the gap Korea - Rest of the world was insurmountable.

Season 7 World Champions - Samsung Galaxy

( CuVee Ambition Haru Crown Ruler CoreJJ )

SK Telecom T1 lost! Well they lost the final and ended up in second place. Still an amazing achievement, but a hurtful one for them I bet. Either way, we returned to the same story as a few seasons ago. Koreans are at the top, challenged only by China. EU battling against NA in their own war for placements. But no one could still challenge Korea.

Season 8 World Champions - Invictus Gaming

( Duke TheShy Ning Rookie JackeyLove Baolan )

The year Korea fell from grace. Every major region had the worst year in the worlds before. This year was the year for Korea. Second seed from China took it all. In a sensation where Korean team did not even make it to top4. IG Defeated G2 and then Fnatic for the crown. Even NA had a great performance this year, getting higher than they have been in years. A battle in the Semifinal Cloud9 vs Fnatic. But still, even though Korea struggled this year. It didn’t seem like the EU could really challenge China. But everyone thought, the gap has finally narrowed.

Season 9 World Champions - FunPlus Phoenix

( GimGoon Tian Doinb Lwx Crisp )

This was an interesting tournament for EU fans. Second year in a row EU got to the final just to lose 0:3. But the gap has definitely closed and NA was left way behind. Struggling year after year to make it out of groups. With one team making a run for it just to be stomped by either EU China or Korea. The EU had 3 teams in top8. But it still seemed that Korean and Chinese teams were a level above. FunPlus Phoenix took it all home with a victory. SK Telecom T1 back at it, but finished in 3-4th place sharing a spot with last year champions Invictus Gaming. Two years in a row Chinese team won the championship. Everyone was asking, is Korean dominance over for good?

Season 10 World Champions - DAMWON

( Nuguri Canyon ShowMaker Ghost BeryL )

That did not take long. A few meta shifts in the correct direction and Korea is back at top. But the region was not as dominant as it once was. China had a very strong showing with very strong teams and the EU still breathing down on their necks trying to climb to the very top.

G2 Made a run for it, but fell short with NA nowhere to be seen.