Another birthday! This time Volibear turns 10 years old. Released on November 29th, 2011 he is a true veteran of League of Legends. He was reworked in 2020 and relaunched with a new look and feel. So I will want to check how well he performed over the years. Will also include some cool trivia!


  • Volibear has 8 skins, the latest being released a bit more than a month ago, 21 October, 2021.
  • Volibear was the first champion released in season two.
  • Volibear is voiced by David Sobolov
  • Volibear and Zilean have a hidden passive when they are on opposing teams. Volibear receives 1 extra armor while Zilean gets 1 ability power. This easter egg occurred due to a long running joke on the game forums about an armored bear.
  • Volibear seems to be more than 10 000 years old according to the lore.
  • Volibear has a brother - Ornn and a sister - Anivia. They are all descendants of demi-gods.

Competitive History:

Data of competitive play was reliable, being tracked since 2015.

2015: 3 games, 33.3% win rate

The beginning, with only 3 games played by two players total. Gambit Gaming Diamondprox played him twice and lost both games. Snake Esports Beast played him once and won.

2016: no games played

2017: 1 game played, 0% win rate

Two very sad years for the armored bear. Only played by Vaevictis eSports Cboi once and without securing the win.

2018: 4 games played, 50% win rate

Three players tried him in 2018. Cloud9 Svenskeren played once and won his game. LGD Gaming Eimy played one game and lost. Golden Guardians Contractz played with Volibear twice with 50% win rate.

2019: 40 games played, 37.5% win rate

In 2019, it seemed like a resurgence for Volibear, having 40 games with a horrible win rate. Still the most active year yet. Probably due to Riot’s attempts to revive the champion with changes. Eventually it didn’t prove enough and Volibear was relaunched after being reworked. Most played in 2019 by Griffin’s Lehends - 6 games 66.7% win rate.

2020: 349 games played, 49.3% win rate

The relaunch was a success. With new abilities and gameplay, Volibear skyrocketed in popularity. Most played by Victory Five Langx - 14 games 50% win rate.

2021: 226 games played, 47.3% win rate

Slightly fewer games than before with slightly lesser win rate, but still a quite popular pick for a lot of players. Most played by Gen.G Clid - 14 games 71.4% win rate and MAD Lions Elyoya - 13 games 76.9% win rate.