League of Legends can boast huge numbers being the number one watched esports game in the world for a while now. Some tournaments are watched a bit more now and again, but when considering the leagues that are running for the majority of the year, League of Legends viewership is unrivaled.

But just how many viewers watch LCS, LEC and LCK?

Here is a cool graph, that shows Peak Concurrent Viewers:

League of Legends: Viewership

Note that LCK is listed without Chinese viewers. When this data was first tracked, LCS was in front, but that was true only in 2018. Ever since LEC found their own caster talent and was able to create production, they surpassed NA in quite a bit.

Korean league viewership growth seemed to stop in the last few splits.

One could only guess what impact, if any, team skill has on the viewership. LCK has some of the best teams, but their audience mostly comes from non western viewers. Teams like G2 Esports were the main draw to the LEC viewers, especially their rivalry against Fnatic. But this split they were not even in the final, and the league viewership grew anyway.

League of Legends: Viewership

Peak Viewership is quite different. We can still see tendencies that are pretty much the same. But NA is even further behind on this metric. And LCK even rivals LEC recently.