I have played and coached a few players in low elo over the last few months. And I noticed a few mistakes that were incredibly common and yet very easy to fix. I decided to share my thoughts and maybe help you improve too.

There are obviously a lot of aspects of the game that can be improved, but decision making and good preparation for the upcoming game are very important.

First 5 minutes of the game

First 5 minutes of the game are incredibly important. Whatever you do, join the queue when you are ready to start the game. Do not go for a smoke break whenever you are on a loading screen, this is where very important decisions will be made.

First of all, you should ALWAYS leave the base at 15 seconds. As soon as possible, you have to either invade together with the team if they wish, or defend your own jungle entrances.

Most of the time, the team splits evenly across the map. Toplane covers the top-most entrance to the jungle, mid covers the top side of the river, adc/support takes care of the bottom side of the river.

You have to spend the first minute of the game, before creeps spawn, just expecting enemies to invade and how to NOT die to any invaders. If you get into a habit of playing level 1 well, you will no doubt win more games over the long period of time. And if you have a very close to 50% win rate, these games will help you climb.

Figuring out your next objective

I coached numerous players, by watching their replays. And there was a very common question I asked then: “Why are you going here?” - They never had a proper answer. They know that objectives are the most important part of finishing off the game, but they keep finding themselves fighting next to no objective whatsoever for no reason they could think of.

This is my advice: figure out your next objective, every time you leave the base.

Get into a habit, to look around the map and figure out what your next objective should be.

Good simple steps to follow are:

  1. Do not die to ganks
  2. Destroy the outer enemy towers (in every lane, one by one)
  3. Secure dragon / herald on spawn if possible.
  4. Destroy inner towers in every lane.
  5. Secure baron / destroy base towers.

These 5 steps will help you progress games faster and prevent long games where the lead you might have had diminishes because everyone fought over and over instead of securing objectives.

If you cannot kill the dragon alone? Ping for your team, ward as much as possible around it. Help in any way you can. Maybe you are top laner? Save your TP, ping it to enemies, ask to ward and help them with TP if needed. Whatever it takes, have a plan that involves objectives and try to follow it. By doing so, you will find yourself fighting over no objectives less and less.

Predicting what might kill you

Remember when I told you not to go away during loading screen? This is one of the reasons why. If you expect everything that can kill you, you will die a lot less. It is very easy, but hard to do at the same time. During the loading screen, think about what your “role” during a teamfight will be and try to identify the most dangerous things that might kill you. Easy example, you enter the loading screen and enemies have Malphite top. Well, if you play ADC your thought process should immediately be, always be aware of Malphite’s position he will aim for you with ultimate, be ready to flash it. Try to never clump up with allies in a bunch if you didn’t see Malphite use ultimate. Also, be awara that he might teleport bottom behind you, so invest in control wards to help your support clear bushes from those nasty teleport ganks.

What if enemies have Tresh as support? Well then you have to be aware that he might try to kill you at level 2. Either push the lane harder to get there first or run back before he gets a chance to engage.

What if you are a jungler and you see a Blitzcrank on the enemy team? Or someone else that might pose you a threat at any point in the game? Think!

Always watch over the whole enemy team and try to figure out every way possible they might kill you. What abilities they might use together or alone to kill you. Expect it and you will die a lot less.

Ganking the wrong lane

I swear I do not understand why every single Jungler kept ganking the 4:0 top laner.

Or 5:0 Draven in bot. Or any other lane that is clearly much stronger than their laner.

This is a very common mistake, that every player and especially Jungler should learn.

Do not gank the losing lane. Focus on the ones that are winning, play with them a lot more.

The reasons are simple, if the enemy top is 3:0 and your top is 0:3. If you gank, you will most likely be trying to kill the enemy player one versus one, with him having 3 kills and an advantage already. And this will happen if you are lucky. If you are not, enemy jungler will be there to counter gank, and you are royaly screwed. Because again, their enemy is a lot more fed.

Instead, why would you not play on the side of the map that your team is either winning or neutral. There you can help them become stronger and then play with them to carry your inter on the team.

Please guys, stop ganking the wrong lane.