We all know that the official world champion currently is DAMWON. They dominated the 2020 Worlds and left no doubt that they are the best. But let's imagine that the World Championship title can be won just by winning against the team who has it.

The original World Championship title went to Fnatic back in 2011. The very first World Championship.

Fnatic beat Against All Authority and became number one in the world.

After about two months, CLG beat Fnatic in IEM  Season VI Cologne - Group Stage. And was the first team who took the Unofficial title away from the champs. In the same Group Stage, Team WE beat CLG and the title became theirs. Team WE did not lose that title, because they won the tournament.

But they did not hold it long, less than a month later, they lost against EHOME in WCG China Challenge - Group Stage.

The title was carried over hundreds of times. Actually there were 558 total matches, where the unofficial title was at stake. 184 times it traveled to a new organization.

Currently the Unofficial World Champion is Royal Never Give Up. And they are coming to the Mid-Season Invitational that will be happening very shortly. So the unofficial title might be transferred to some other team!

Do you want to know which teams won the unofficial world champion title most?

Team WE - 15 times

Royal Club - 14 times

Invictus Gaming - 11 times

SK Telecom T1 - 11 times

Top Esports - 9 times

Also, some teams held it longer than others after they won the title. These teams held the title longest without losing it:

G2 Esports - 138 days

Vici Gaming - 138 days

SK Telecom T1 - 112 days

Team WE - 112 days

KaBuM! e-Sports - 111 days

And the last list to display which orgs held the belt longest cumulative amount of time:

Team WE - 301 days.

Royal Club - 265 days

SK Telecom T1 - 255 days

Azubu Frost - 246 days

G2 Esports - 221 days