Do not go afk at the start of the game

As soon as the gates open, you have to go to your jungle. If you are blue side, you have to place your trinket ward and go cover the other entrance to your jungle from afar. Sometimes your mid or jungler will already be doing that and that's great.

League of Legends: Tips & Tricks for supports to improve your laning and early game

Trust in this ward spot. It might not happen for 10, 15 games in a row. But you will see every once in a while it will give your team either kills. Or prevent enemies from killing you, your adc or your jungler. This ward alone, increases your win rate by a few games over a larger sample.

Red side does not have a good ward spot like that for level one, but you can still ward the river if you wish. The most important thing on red site though is to cover entrances to jungle and do not afk at the start of the game.

Another thing you should do, to avoid unnecessary deaths is to prepare for the worst. If enemies have tresh or blitzcrank, be aware of where they can pull you from the fog of war. Maybe you are standing in a bush and they can hook you from a dragon pit? Be aware and avoid anything that might kill you at level 1. (Excluding obviously team fights if you are invading together with team)

Fight as hard as possible for level two

Whatever champion you play, you should almost always fight aggressively to reach level two sooner. If you pull for your jungler, this might be very hard. Enemies might have better abilities and composition to push the wave and get level 2 sooner, but you still have to try. You would be surprised, how hard people fail early in the lane.

If you see that you are about to hit level two, you can play even more aggressively, enemies will have to respect it most of the time and move a few steps back, which will let you shove the rest of the lane. If you successfully push the lane, you have to beware of just a few things:

  1. Jungle ganks
  2. All-in close to towers

Keep pushing the lane and farming, you don’t have to do any miracle plays. Survive any incoming gank and keep pushing the lane until your adc has enough money to buy the first item.

Learn to play from behind

This one will be important. If you play a melee support like Alistar, Leona whatever. You know that you might get poked out super hard at level 1. Or even worse, your adc might be forcing a trade at level 1 against the enemy adc and you can’t get anywhere close to the enemies to help. You might also pull for your jungler to go to lane, just to find out enemies, who play two ranged champions bot, already half way to level two.

You have to concede the lane priority and survive. Focus very hard on completing your quest item. Tank enemy shots with your health bar if you see your adc take a lot of damage. Do not die, use your health pots if you need to, if that means that your ADC can farm and not take damage himself. Do not try to fight the enemies unless they make a huge mistake. Your priority now is to farm up until at least level 4. If you fight earlier, enemies will most likely be one level higher (because they are pushing the wave, meaning they kill the wave earlier and get the level earlier) or you will be at a disadvantage of health.

Remember, when you go back to lane after backing and healing at level 4. You will all be even healthy and you will be able to fight the enemies a lot more often than if you die early and at level 4 they already have 2 kills and more items. Then you will never be able to fight.

Use your health as a resource

Your health is a resource. Your health potions are a resource.

If enemies are pushing a wave into your tower, you are full health and your adc is at 80%.

Enemies are surely about to either deal damage to your tower or your adc. You should take a step forward next to your tower and force the enemies to poke you instead. If they use a few abilities, you will most likely lose 10-30% of your health if everything hits. But that is one health pot only. Your adc will be able to save his health, take most creeps and that is a win for you. This might take a bit practice, you have to be smart about this. Don’t go in randomly too far away from tower to lose most of your health, but just enough to take poke that would land on your adc. If you do this enough, whenever a jungler comes to gank your lane, enemies won't suspect anything out of you going up and taking some damage, because you have been doing that all lane long. You will have an easier time setting up ganks.

Also, do not be afraid to tank for your adc during fights. Your life is secondary in the two versus two fights. If you have good wards, which you should always do, I am not even going to cover basics such as “always buy a control ward when you come back”. You should fight two versus two most of the time, or not fight at all. Unless you have the number advantage.

That means both yours and your adc health bars are a resource, just like summoner spells, ultimates and abilities. If you are fighting and enemies are using every ability they have on you, while your adc is doing damage, you should win most of these fights. If you trade your life for enemy adc. You win, even in unlucky spots where you get the kill and enemy adc gets the kill. Not ideal, but your ADC is still farming. A wave farmed is almost equal gold as a kill.

Roam as much as possible

This one is by far the hardest. Knowing when you can roam without costing your adc a lot, is key. The easiest example is at level 4, both you and adc, push the lane and back. You go straight mid, try a gank, put a ward down and go back bottom. If you do it quick enough, you will be in the bot lane in time to catch the wave and help adc farm it up. If you want to roam without backing to lane first, then you have to have control wards to prevent enemy bot lane from alerting the lanes early and you have to make sure your ADC can farm. If enemies are freezing the lane next to their tower, you cannot leave your adc, he won’t be able to get close to the lane for experience or creeps. If you sully shove the lane into the enemy tower, you can leave for a few seconds before anyone notices. Ping for your adc to be careful and you can roam. Your adc shouldn’t lose much. Try to roam together with a jungler. Do not try to roam mid, when your jungler is ganking top lane. Also, if a dragon is about to come up, it might be a better idea to keep pushing bot to have priority instead of roaming. But it also might be a good idea to kill middle with a roam, that should give your team mid priority for drake. Either way, I have to decide by looking at what can be done with least risk.

Plan out your next objective

Every time you go out of the base. Check and note what your primary objective is.

A list of valid objectives early game:

  1. Complete Support Quest item.
  2. Dragon
  3. Herald
  4. Tower plates

After you decide what the next objective is, you should try to go there and ward in preparation. A minute in advance for the dragon is good, as an example. Have wards over the wall, as deep in the enemy jungle as you can without risking your life often.

Just decide what the next objective is and try to prepare for it as best as you can.

“Getting a kill” should almost never be your objective in the game. But it very well might be a tool to get your next objective. If you know the dragon is up in one minute and ten seconds. Go and prepare, put wards down, then when there are 20 seconds left, you can try to gank someone and get a kill after which you can freely secure the actual objective.