Hello, summoners.

With the new changes on the rift, you probably know all about the OP builds that League of Legends has to offer at the moment. Whether you are played against these builds or saw someone on your team smash the floor with 1 V 5 plays, the builds have surely left their mark on your mind.

But today we will be going to talk about two hidden OP builds that you can abuse in the preseason and surprise both your enemies and yourself with an absolute guarantee.

So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

Miss fortune build

This is one of those hidden OP builds that will surprise your enemies back into the fountain.

This build should consist of the following items:

1.       Eclipse (as your main mythic Item)

2.       berserker greaves

3.       Collector

4.       Infinity edge

5.       Lord Dominic’s regards or for CC heavy team of Death dance to counter assassins

6.       Rapid-fire canon

For runes, you will have to move away from the traditional press the attack to Dark harvest > cheap shot > eyeball collection > ravenous hunter.

Due to the nerf of Crit items, rushing them is are not as effective as they used to be. So this build offers the best of both worlds with very early lethality and late-game huge crit damage. So abuse the build before it gets nerfed to the gorund.

Ekko build

Ekko is one of my most favorite champions in-game due to his ability to one-shot enemies and still getting out of a sticky situation without a scratch. And this OP build takes Ekko’s one-shot potential to a whole new level.

This build should consist of the following items:

1.       Night harvester

2.       Sorcerers shoe

3.       Lich Bane

4.       Rabadon's deathcap

5.       Zhonya's hourglass

6.       Void staff

For runes you will still be the traditional path of Electrocute > Sudden impact > eyeball collection > ravenous hunter.

If you are against a team full of assassins and need the Zhonya’s early, you can go for a free stopwatch on the secondary. Other than that, you should stick to Transcendence and Gathering storm.

Before the preseason, the Ap Ekko build always involved the rush of Protobelt. It offered a bit of health, Ability power, and also a good gap closer with wave clear. And during the preseason, people are opting for the upgraded version called hextech rocketbelt as their first mythic item.

It offers the same functionality and a great stat from the get-go. But if you want something to one-shot your enemies and towers with your E, opting for this build is the better decision.

Night harvester is a broken item with Ekko’s overall kit. The downside is, you have to lose the flat magic pen. But the raw damage and insane burst that Night harvester brings to the table more than makes up for it. And combined with your lich bane passive, Ekko E will be one of the highest bursts in the game.