Both champions were released 12 years ago in August-18th of 2009. Both champions received more than a few buffs and nerfs along the road, some less than others. Either way, this is their birthday article. Some fun trivia and some competitive stats.


Taric has 5 skins and Gangplank has 10. No justice at all.

Both Taric and Gangplank were originally voiced by Dennis Collins Johnson, but both Taric and Gangplank received reworks. Currently Gangplank is voiced by Matthew Mercer and Taric is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. During the development of these champions, they were just called GemKnight and Pirate.

Competitive History

League of Legends: Taric and Gangplank

Ok so maybe it is clear why Gangplank has double the skins of Taric. He was played a lot more than Taric. With a way higher success rate too.

In 2015, two Taric games were both played by Edward (then known as GoSu Pepper). In 2016, Hylissang played 10 games of Taric, tied most with Hachani.