We are at a time where Leagues are ending. LCS and LEC will have their super weeks this weekend. We will figure out who qualifies for playoffs and who has a chance to go to worlds this year. A lot is on the line. I will surely meet you all with the result recap next week, but let's go into the super week with some extra context!

League of Legends: Summer Season Super Week preview


League of Legends: Summer Season Super Week preview

8 total teams go into Playoffs in North America. This creates a bit less drama usually, about who gets in, but not this time. FLyQuest, Golden Guardians, CLG all have a shot.

7 Teams already secured their spot in the playoffs, we just need to wait and see who will take which place.

FlyQuest will play against: Golden Guardians, Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming.

Golden Guardians will play against: FlyQuest, 100 Thieves and Immortals.

Counter Logic Gaming will play against: Dignitas, TSM and FlyQuest.

Looking at their matchups, FlyQuest holds the highest chance of making it to the playoffs. They will play two teams that are battling for that spot too. And their third game is against Immortals, who is the lowest ranked team of the already-qualified teams.

Golden Guardians, Will have to beat FlyQuest and Immortals, but also 100 Thieves to qualify. And that should never happen. Even though, GG has an even 2-2 head to head score against 100 Thieves.

And for CLG, well, their chances are very slim. They have to go 3:0, which is not impossible, but very unlikely. Especially after we covered their Rivalry against TSM here.

And how TSM are pretty much dominating. Winning against them is a requirement to have a chance at qualifying for playoffs and it seems very unlikely.

League of Legends: Summer Season Super Week preview


League of Legends: Summer Season Super Week preview

Europe does it a bit differently than NA. Only 6 teams qualify for playoffs, meaning that usually teams compete a lot harder for that last spot. We have Rogue at the top with one game leading, and then we have MAD Lions, Fnatic and Misfits Gaming at 10-5, Any of these teams can clinch the number one spot and make their playoffs a lot easier.

Last spot is contested by 4 teams really, Schalke 04 have already been eliminated from playoffs contention.

Astralis will play against: SK Gaming, Excel and Vitality

Excel will play against: Rogue, Astralis and G2 Esports.

SK Gaming will play against: Astralis, Misfits Gaming and Rogue.

Team Vitality will play against: Schalke 04, Rogue and Astralis.

Looking at the matchups alone, I think Astralis has the best chance to come out on top. But just barely. They do not have the very best teams to worry about, everything is in their hands. They will only play 3 teams that will try to take their playoff spot away from them. Excel, SK and Vitality, will all have to prove themselves not only against each other but against Top teams of the league. Excel will have to play Rogue and G2 Esports, granted G2 did not look particularly great this split, but they should still be feared. SK Gaming and Team Vitality are in the worst spot. They pretty much have to go 3:0 if they want to have a chance, and they have to beat teams of the likes of Misfits Gaming or Rogue.

If I was a betting man, I would say Astralis has too big of a lead just by matchups in the super week and I think they will make it. I also think Excel might just lose every single game or go 1:2 and drop even lower than 8th. Especially if Vitality or SK has a good week.