Since Spring split is coming to an end I wanted to check what meta different regions had. Did they pick the same champions across continents or did some prefer certain champions only fitting for that region?

Let's take a look at different regions:

LCS - North America

LEC - Europe

LCK - Korea

note that LCK still has a few weeks of matches left.


Meta seems quite similar, Renekton and Gnar seem to be the face of top lane right now across these three major regions. Crocodile has a very high winrate in LCS and the lowest in the EU. Also North America doesn’t seem to like Sion that much, they prefer Gankplank, Which is quite interesting and different, and EU favours Aatrox over Camille (but they both fill similar roles).


We immediately see one huge difference in Jungle roles when comparing Europe, North America against Korea. No Hecarim. Don’t get me wrong they have played Hecarim, but he is nowhere near the top 5 picked champions in jungle, Nidalee is. And she is not in top5 in either LCS or LEC. The rest of the champions, however, are exactly the same. Lillia, Olaf, Udyr and Graves.


Meta of the control mage. LCS and LCK have the exact same top 5 champions, just different spots. Azir Orianna and Syndra took top three picks in all three regions. But the EU has some unique differences. Lucian and Twisted Fate showed up only in Europe’s top5. But I guess that isn’t surprising that much. Twisted Fate is especially well known to be popular in Europe for ages. Not many assassin type champions in all regions, which might be a good thing if we like our solo queue not filled with those monsters.


Kai’Sa is the queen of bot lane right now. Taking the most popular pick spot in every region by a huge margin. Double the amount of games if compared to second place. (Almost triple in Korea).

Xayah Senna Aphelios showing up in every region also. Senna in LCS and LEC. And Samira - in LCK.


Nothing new here. Only tanks that can still be a CC-bot after being down 5-6 levels on everyone else in the game. No place for poke or enchanter supports with so many problems with this role.

While casters love talking and showing off cool Rell or Alistar engages, the role seems to be very limited with very little resources going their way.