The current unofficial world champions title holder - RNG. They came to MSI and will try to prove again that can take it all. (read more about that -

League of Legends: Royal Never Give Up

RNG attended MSI in 2016 and placed 3-4th and in 2018, where they won 1st place. They are currently second team by money won in MSI at 577,650$. Top Organizations by prize amount of MSI:

  1. SKT - 1,001,000$
  2. RNG - 577,650$
  3. G2 - 438,000$

Royal Never Give Up have always been known for having world-class ADC that their strategy was built around. They lived and died by that sword. Most notable player who carried them to victories was Uzi. Currently, they might have found another ADC player to carry them to victory - GALA.

From their inception in 2015: RNG were weren't constantly the main threat from China that rivaled Korea, but they were always a team not to ignore. Even though they did have a few rough patches, they could beat any team at any time, mostly on the back of their ADC’s. These are their world results:

Worlds 2019 - 9-12th place.

Worlds 2018 - 5-8th place.

Worlds 2017 - 3-4th place.

Worlds 2016 - 5-8th place.

Lets also look at their local performance at the LPL. They did not qualify the very first year the team was born, but ever since then, they basically rolled over LPL.

2015 Summer - not qualified

2016 Spring - 1st

2016 Summer - 2nd

2017 Spring - 2nd

2017 Summer - 2nd

2018 Spring - 1st

2018 Summer - 1st

2019 Spring - 5-6th

2019 Summer - 2nd

2020 Spring - 7-8th

2020 Summer - not qualified

2021 Spring - 1st

Lets not make this too long. We could talk about this team for weeks, this is just a small article about a team that might be capable of challenging DWG this year. But this team was always somewhat of a unknown, how they will perform on the international stage.