PSG Talon - a team born from cooperation between Talon Esports and Paris Saint-Germain, a French football club. The team is currently playing in MSI and has a great chance of getting out of the second group stage.

League of Legends: PSG Talon

Current PSG Talon members:

Hanabi from Taiwan

River from South Korea

Maple from Taiwan

Unified from Hong Kong

And Kaiwing from Hong Kong

Doggo from Taiwan - currently playing in the ADC role as a loan from Beyond Gaming. Because Unified had health complications and could not attend MSI.

PSG Talon Results:

PCS 2020 Spring - 3rd place

PCS 2020 Spring Playoffs - 1st place

2020 Mid-Season Showdown - 1st place

PCS 2020 Summer - 3rd place

PCS 2020 Summer Playoffs - 2nd place

Worlds 2020 - 9-12th place

PCS 2021 Spring - 1st place

PCS 2021 Spring Playoffs - 1st place

PSG Talon dominated the domestic scene. From the three splits they played in PCS ( Pacific Championship Series) they won two of them and placed second. In the latest 2021 Spring Split, they lost one match before playoffs and then went completely undefeated in playoffs to secure their spot in MSI.

Second place team Beyond Gaming lost to PSG Talon 0:3 in the winner bracket final and 0:3 in the grand final. And their ADC player Doggo was loaned out to PSG Talon to create a MSI roster. Their regular ADC Unified could not attend due to health issues.

Since the team is quite young it is astounding to see how well they are performing even without their ADC.

PSG Talon Most picked champions:

  1. Gnar - 17 games 82.4% winrate.
  2. Leona - 15 games 86.7% winrate
  3. Kai’Sa - 14 games 85.7% winrate
  4. Azir - 13 games 100% winrate
  5. Udyr - 11 games 81.8% winrate

Currently at MSI, PSG Talon played Leona 6 times, Udyr Kai’Sa and Gnar 4 times. Seems like teams are not interested in taking away their most comfortable and strong champions.