We had a bit more than a week of games in patch 10.23 to analyze and bring you the data about the newly reworked items.

We scanned 2.500.000 games in silver-gold elo brackets on EUW for this data.

First off the highest win-rate items:

  • Mejai’s Soulstealer - no surprise here, the item is being bought more as a “win more item” so it having the highest win rate is just by nature of the item. The buy-rate is very low though.
  • Deathcap and Guardian Angel seem to be performing very well in win rate too. Guardian angel being bought almost exactly at the same rate while deathcap almost three times as often.
  • The new new late-game support items, while having a great win rate, were almost never bought. Mostly because they are very expensive and require very late game. Games on average do not last that long.
  • In the most popular items, we can see a ton of shoes being bought, also foreseeable! But straight after shoes, Zhonya’s Hourglass is the most popular item in the game, followed by Kraken Slayer and Luden’s Tempest.

We also released patch 10.23 tier list for all roles.

So we included the 5 highest win-rate items for top champions in each role.

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