Some champions burn very bright and then fizzle really fast. Neeko seems to be one of them. She is quite a new champion, only 3 years old, released on 5th of December, 2018.

One of the more curious champions from Riot games. They have been known recently to experiment with various mechanics and gimmicks, but Neeko probably just didn’t have the numbers quite high enough. Anyway, first lets go over some trivia, then the stats!


  • Last patched V11.20 on October 6th, 2021. Just a small bug fix, no changes to her kit. Her last patch that changed her numbers was August 5th of 2020.
  • Neeko has 4 skins, the latest being released 311 days ago.
  • She was the first champion released in 2018
  • Neeko waves at jungle camps when she walks near them.
  • Neeko is one of few RIot’s LGBTQIA+ champions.
  • Neeko is voiced by Flora Paulita
  • According to the lore, she might be about 180 years old.

Competitive History

2019 - 211 games 48.3% win rate

90 games as Mid Laner

T1 Faker - 10 games 80% win rate.

24 games as Bot Laner

Bilibili Gaming Jinjiao 4 games 50% win rate.

Vici Gaming Puff 4 games 25% win rate.

97 games as Top Laner

Invictus Gaming TheShy - 10 games 60% win rate.

Quite the first year Neeko had, sadly this was her only year in relevancy at least somewhat. Her win rate wasn’t that great, her pick rate was average, but still better than some champions for sure. But her biggest accomplishment, Faker played her 10 games! She showed up as a Mid, Top and Bot laner.

2020 - 40 games 52.5% win rate

31 games as Mid Laner

Invictus Gaming Rookie - 11 games 72.7% win rate.

9 games as Top Laner

G2 Esports Wunder 5 games 100% win rate.

A year with a higher win rate, but very low gameplay. Played in only two roles this time. And in Top Lane majority of games came from Europe’s Wunder, who played and won all 5 games. Rookie took care of the Mid role, having a great win rate and performance on the champion.

2021 - 13 games 53.8% win rate

Good news is her win rate is increasing. Bad news is that she is almost never played.

In 2021 she was played as Support, Top and Mid laner.

6 games as Support - most by T1 Keria - 2 games, 100% win rate.

6 games as Mid Laner - most by Evil Geniuses Jiizuke - 4 games, 25% win rate.

1 game as Top Laner - by Gen.G Rascal, he lost the game.

This was the short and quite sad, but optimistic history of Neeko. Riot likes to revisit some champions who were forgotten over the years, so we might see Neeko active one day in the future, but only time will tell.