Over the years, Riot released a ton of music. Let it be various champion-themed songs or a completely made-up band that topped the music charts. This will be the list dedicated to Worlds songs specifically.

2014 Worlds - Warriors (ft. Imagine Dragons)

Riot released its first Worlds anthem for 2014. Imagine Dragons created a masterpiece. With the Riot animation team and growing anticipation of worlds, this was an absolutely epic release. Currently at 300 million views on the main channel. A truly epic start.

2015 Worlds - Worlds Collide (ft. Nicki Taylor)

Next year RIot released Worlds Collide as an anthem to the championship. It was well received but didn’t pull in numbers more than the previous song. A big part of it was the lack of a music video everyone expected from Riot.

2016 Worlds - Ignite (ft. Zedd)

Ignite was Riot trying something different. A different genre, up-beat electronic song worked pretty well. Not the greatest, not the worst. 81 million views on the Riot youtube channel.

2017 Worlds - Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current)

For me personally, this is the best Worlds anthem Riot ever created. But a lot of people disagree. Either way, the song was a huge success even if others don’t think it was the very best.

2018 Worlds - RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive)

RISE is a favourite for a lot of people. Almost 300 million views on the music video. A highly regarded one of the best if not the best Worlds Anthem songs.

2019 Worlds - Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza)

I didn’t like this song much. The music video was well made. But it never really met expectations. A mediocre song when compared to other great Worlds songs.

2020 Worlds - Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), MAX, Henry)

Latest addition to the World anthem list. The song was well received, but won’t be the greatest song made by Riot. Not the greatest year for World hype also. Pandemic made it very difficult to even make Worlds happen in the first place, but Riot delivered. Currently at 30 million views in the channel. Still time to grow a bit though.