A few days ago, Lucian celebrated his birthday. The champion was released 2013-08-22. And I like doing these small articles for various champions on their birthdays. Lucian is one of the key champions that was very rarely not played in competitive play. From premades bottom with Braum, to flexes in various roles over the years. Currently he is played a lot in the Mid lane.
But what we remember might be a bit different from the actual stats, so let's jump into it, with some trivia and then his competitive performance over the last 8 years.


  • Lucian was voiced by Patrick Seitz. But after Senna’s release, TJ Storm voiced most of his lines.
  • Lucian is the first champion that received a chroma pack for his classic skin.
  • Lucian currently has 10 skins.
  • Lucian and Senna are husband and wife. Thresh killed Senna. This is why they currently have an in-game quest which awards souls to the victors of the quest.

Competitive History

2015- 394 games 46.8%

(bot- 392 games, mid- 2 games )

Lucian was played in bot lane every game except two games. He was played mid by xiaohu from Gamtee twice, with 100% win rate. Every single other game was played in the bot lane.

Team WE Mystic - 21 games 57.1%

Cloud9 Sneaky - 16 games 56.3%

Anarchy Sangyoon - 15 games 53.3%

NaJin e-mFire 0hq - 15 games 66.7%.

2016- 831 games 47.4%

(bot- 827 games, mid- 2 games, top- 2 games)

Massive amount of games for Lucian that year. Again almost every game was played as a bot laner. With a couple of games in the mid and top lanes. The amount of games played, only few champions in the game can reach.

Game Talents PentaQ - 27 games 29.6%

TSM Doublelift - 27 games 74.1%

SK Telecom T1 Bang - 26 games 57.7%

2017- 277 games 48%

(bot- 137 games, mid- 134 games, top- 6 games)

The year Lucian began diversifying. As many games mid as bot, he truly became a flex champion. His win rate bot lane was 53.3% and in mid lane - 41.8%. Quite a big difference.

EDward Gaming Scout - 10 games 60%

G2 Esports Perkz - 9 games 44.4%

SK Telecom T1 Faker - 8 games 87.5%

Team WE Mystic - 8 games 50%

2018- 224 games 51.3%

(bot- 196 games, mid- 20 games, top- 8 games)

Back to being a bot laner for Lucian, number of games remained pretty much the same as the previous year, but way less flexing went on in 2018.

Invictus Gaming JackeyLove - 17 games 82.4%

EDward Gaming iBoy - 13 games 61.5%

Suning Smiz - 9 games 88.9%

Topsports Gaming LokeN - 9 games 66.7%

2019- 442 games 45.5%

(bot- 403 games, mid- 26 games, top- 13 games)

While the popularity of Lucian increased quite a bit. His win rate dropped substantially. Not really a rare sight, since most newer Lucian players are not as proficient on him. Most games again, played in the bot lane.

FunPlus Phoenix Lwx - 20 games 70%

Kingzone DragonX  Deft - 18 games 55.6%

Griffin Viper - 17 games 82.4%

2020- 163 games 46%

(bot- 36 games, mid- 77 games, top- 50 games)

For the first time, Lucian was played more in top and mid rather than bot.

Mid winrate was the highest at 51.9%. Top players had a 44.4% win rate and bot players 36.1% which is extremely low. Also, Summit played 7 games, enough to tie for second place for players who played Lucian the most. He won exactly 0 games.

DRX Chovy - 8 games 62.5%

Afreeca Freecs Kiin - 7 games 57.1%

Invictus Gaming TheShy - 7 games 42.9%

SANDBOX Gaming Summit - 7 games 0%

2021- 275 games 51.8%

(bot- 18 games, mid- 220 games, top- 37 games)

Lucian now turned into a rare flex between top and middle. Almost never played in the bot lane. In the mid lane, Lucian enjoyed 52.7% win rate while in the top lane - a whopping 62.2%. Also check out the RNG Xiaohu win rate. Never lost a game on Lucian!

Rogue Larsen - 16 games 66.7%

Royal Never Give Up Xiaohu - 13 games 100%

DWG KIA ShowMaker - 12 games 66.7%

Evil Geniuses.NA Jiizuke - 12 games 66.7%