With the new season already coming from afar, league of legends had its first pre-season patch that introduced some major changes to the game. Not only some new items or keystones, but two new dragons that change the rift in yet unseen ways.

Please note, that these changes might be adjusted and changed by Riot very rapidly. So we will try to keep you informed in future articles about what is actually happening on the rift.

Objective Bounties

First and most noticeable change to the gold transfer between teams, are objective bounties. Pretty big change, that is met with quite a bit of criticism as of now, but Riot still has plenty of time to tweak it. Some say it feels awful for the winning team, some say its a way to make games more competitive if they previously wouldn’t have been. After all, you could now eliminate enemy leads way easier than before.

Most obvious fears for most people are in the details and the balance. How much are those bounties worth, is split pushing even stronger now as a come-back mechanic and so on.

Current gold values, spread across the team:



OUTER TURRET: 250 gold

INNER TURRET: 400 gold

BASE TURRET: 400 gold

Chemtech and Hextech drakes

Chemtech Drake: This drake will increase your damage by a bit, against targets who have more health than you. If you manage to get Chemtech soul, your next death will allow you to continue fighting for a short amount of time.
Chemtech Rift: Gas zones appear on the map, which will camouflage any champion hiding in it. Also deals extra damage to targets with more health than them.

Hextech Drake: The drake grants ability haste and attack speed. Encourages more fighting across the map. Hextech soul gives the team additional chain lightning effect with their attacks. This effect chains through multiple targets, deals damage and slows enemies hit.

Hextech Rift: Hex-gates appear across various map locations, just like bard’s magical journey, they will allow players to travel across various distances and terrain on the map if using them. They have a short 30s cooldown for each player, but they should encourage players to fight and contest objectives way more than before, with one extra exit or entrance to the various spots on the map.

New Items

Crown of the shattered queen

Mage defensive item, reduces incoming damage by a lot for a short duration after taking damage from enemy champions.


Offensive support item. After immobilizing champions or being immobilized, they take extra damage from your allies.

Axiom Arc

Refunds a part of your ultimate cooldown if an enemy you damaged dies shortly after.


An offensive caster item. Increases damage, especially to targets who have been shielded recently.

Winter’s Approach

Tank item, that gives you mana when you trade with enemies.


First Strike

New keystone in the Inspiration tree. Basically empowers you and gives you gold, if you manage to hit the enemy you are trading with first. If they hit you first, you will not get anything and will have to wait for the cooldown to reset.

Prototype: Omnistone - removed from the game.

There are numerous other changes and adjustments, I will not list them all here. For a full list of changes visit here