Lee Sin was released on April 1st, 2011. And that was not an out of season April Fools joke. And is one of the oldest champions in the game, recently being 10 years old. As always with these articles, stats of champion competitive history was not really tracked before 2015, so this is why we start with 2015 also.


Lee Sin has 13 skins.

Lee Sin has the highest level 1 base attack damage - 69. (69.18 to be exact)

Lee Sin’s dance is a reference to a great movie - Shaolin Soccer (I am actually a big fan of this movie, I have seen it multiple times over the years.)

Lee Sin is the first non-ninja champion that uses energy.

Lee Sin is voiced by Feodor Chin (previously by Vic Mignogna)

Competitive History

2015 - 530 games 45.1% win rate.

Most played by TBQ - 25 games, Condi - 24 games and Drizzle - 23 games.

Starting off with a lot of popularity but not a lot of win rate for the blind monk.

2016 - 249 games 49.8% win rate.

Most played by Spirit - 17 games, Jankos - 15 games and Winged - 13 games.

Lost a bit of popularity, but his win rate increased. Probably makes sense, only the players with higher skill than average on this champion played him when he wasnt as popular. But still, almost 250 games is quite a lot.

2017 - 759 games 50.1% win rate.

Most played by Svenskeren - 35 games, Punch - 29 games and Peanut - 25 games.

Svenskeren had a 71.4% win rate with Lee Sin over 35 games. How did no one ban it every game is ridiculous. But all things considered 759 games played is a lot. One of the most popular champions ever in a year. Win rate, just barely over 50%, but it is increasing year by year.

2018 - 121 games 43.8% win rate.

Most played by Clid - 15 games, Haro - 13 games and Ning - 11 games.

What a drastic fall for Lee Sin. Probably due to the 8.15 patch, that was the mega nerf to Lee Sin. His Q Ability was nerfed very hard, both parts of the ability too. With drastic Damage and AD Ratio nerfs.  Lee Sin was still played over 100 games, but was a distant memory of his previous glory.

2019 - 470 games 50.4% win rate.

Most played by Clid - 40 games, Canyon - 26 games and Dread - 24 games.

Yeah, Lee Sin’s Q got buffed. It's almost fascinating how one ability makes or breaks the champion. After Patch 9.15 which buffed both his Q casts, he immediately started seeing more play with increased win rate. Furthermore he was buffed even more, in patch 9.18. His Health, AD and Ultimate got buffed. But these changes were later in the year, so most likely didn’t affect his play and win rates in 2019.

2020 - 605 games 47.4% win rate.

Most played by Karsa - 30 games, H4cker - 28 games and Tian - 26 games.

While his popularity definitely gew, his win rate decreased. Probably makes sense, a lot more people wanted to jump on the Lee Sin hype train, but not everyone had years of practice with the champion.

2021 - 144 games 53.5% win rate.

Most played by Xiaohu - 8 games, Khan - 6 games and a few players at 5 games each - Dread, Rascal, Armut, Chazz.

Khan has not lost with Lee Sin yet. All 6 of his games were wins.

Not the best year for Lee Sin in popularity, but the best in win rate so far.