Week 4 is done. Marking half of Summer Split. A lot is on the line, and some teams are showing vastly different results of the ones we expected.


  1. Misfits Gaming 7-2
  2. Rogue 7-2
  3. Fnatic 6-3
  4. MAD Lions 5-4
  5. Astralis 4-5
  6. Excel 4-5
  7. G2 Esports 4-5
  8. Team Vitality 4-5
  9. Schalke 04 3-4
  10. SK Gaming 1-8

League of Legends: LEC Summer Split halfway review

Misfits seem to keep “failing upwards''. After week one, Misfits went undefeated 3:0. They beat Fnatic, SK Gaming and Vitality. Not the strongest teams in the league, we thought, clearly just a fluke and they will be down in the standings soon enough. With their games not being the highest display of skill themselves, rather than enemies underperforming. Well weeks keep passing, and they ain't moving from first place.
Week 2, they lost against Rogue, as expected and then won against Astralis. Again not the leaders of the league. But then they beat Excel and Schalke 04. Lost to MAD Lions and won against G2 Esports in the most horrible throw we have seen in probably most of LEC history. Misfits were completely outclassed the entire game, just to win the game in basically less than a minute in a horrid lapse of judgement from G2 Esports.

So basically, Misfits beat everyone with incredible reliability, except the very best teams like MAD Lions and Rogue. Which is enough to be in the first place of standings. You might not be the best, but if you reliably beat weaker teams, you are doing great. Something that cannot be said for other teams right now.

League of Legends: LEC Summer Split halfway review

Rogue, a very solid team, same score as Misfits, only two losses came from against Fnatic and G2 Esports. It is no surprise they lost to G2 Esports, that team seems to be Rogue’s kryptonite for years now. And the game against Fnatic, was a very special game, with Bwipo on Karthus and Fnatic playing that game on pure steroids. No one could have beaten them that game. So Rogue are performing solid, I would expect nothing less than a TOP2 Finish again for Rogue. Their incredibly solid-macro-based gameplay is perfect for league type format. The only thing they lack is the BO3/5 strategy to perform well in playoffs.

League of Legends: LEC Summer Split halfway review

Fnatic, what an Iconic team this is. Lost their famous player, roleswaped Bwipo from top to jungle and how exciting they are to watch right now. They even beat G2 Esports, the team that has their ADC now. They beat Vitality, who has their jungler now. Fnatic seem to be doing just fine, better than in Spring and are real contenders to go to Worlds this year.

MAD Lions, Astralis, G2 Esports, Team Vitality and Schalke 04

Teams that seem to just struggle. MAD Lions are just a few unlucky games away from being on top. Any of these teams showed potential at one point or another, but the most surprising team to see lose is G2 Esports. With an all-star lineup, it really shows that the magic they were showing before, was because their 5 players worked really well together. Rekkles just isn’t cutting it, he is a completely different player than Perkz was, in whatever role he was playing. Losing Perkz is proving fatal so far to G2 Esports. But what I learned watching EU over the years, you cannot ever write off Rekkles and G2. When push comes to shove, they find a way to perform.

Astralis, Team Vitality and Schalke 04, seem to be filler teams that most likely won't go very far.

The biggest problem with these teams, that they don’t seem to have any stability to their game.But that is kind of the weakness of the region right now. The EU is at its weakest it has been in years.

SK Gaming

With all the changes, roleswaps, it seems that this team has no clue what they are doing. Same as their staff. They won a game against Excel, other than that, they seem to be quite far behind everyone else in the league.