We covered the NA Summer playoffs in this article. And now it's time to prepare for the European playoffs which will start very soon too.


START DATE: August 13

Two teams qualify for Worlds 2021 Main Event

One team qualifies for Worlds 2021 Play-In

Double Elimination bracket.

Matches are best of five.

Playoff matchups:

League of Legends: LEC Summer Playoffs

Rogue vs Misfits

Historic matchup score:

Rogue  12 : 4   Misfits

2020 + 2021 matchup score:

Rogue  11 : 1   Misfits

Misfits used to win a game or two back in the day against Rogue. Not recently though. Rogue are suffering a horrible losing streak in the regular season against G2 Esports. But they sure have their own win streaks against other teams. For example Misfits. 11:1 in the past two years. This matchup seems to have already been decided. If Misfits somehow managed to win this series, it would be one of the biggest upsets of the whole LEC.

MAD Lions vs G2 Esports

Historic matchup score:

MAD Lions  21 : 42  G2 Esports

2020 + 2021 matchup score:

MAD Lions  11 : 14  G2 Esports

** MAD Lions were known as Splyce before the year 2020. So in the historic matchup score, I included the results of them too.

G2 Esports and MAD Lions were always closely matched. These two teams trade wins against each other for a few recent years. G2 Esports has been struggling the whole year, with a sign of hope at the end. Both of these teams showed that they can win a bo5 against almost anyone. MAD Lions took away G2 Esports spot to attend the MSI 2021 G2 Esports are surely looking for revenge..

Fnatic vs Vitality

Historic matchup score:

Fnatic  27 : 11  Vitality

2020 + 2021 matchup score:

Fnatic   6 : 2  Vitality

Vitality doesn’t seem to hold up very well against Fnatic. And considering Vitality got to the playoffs in last place and just barely. I wouldn't think too much about the winners of this series. Even Fnatic can't throw this one, right? :)


G2 Esports 3:1 MAD Lions

Rogue 3:1 Misfits

Fnatic 3:1 Vitality

No other way about it. Rogue and G2 Esports have to qualify for worlds. Rogue have their destiny, G2 have their redemption. MAD Lions might still get to worlds play-in stage, but I would predict they have to go through the losers bracket to get there.

Of course, this is league of legends, pretty much every single team in the playoffs can beat any other team on a good day.