After an absolutely insanely competitive LoL Summer Split. We are officially in the Playoffs!

Teams :

  • Rogue,
  • Fnatic,
  • G2 Esports,
  • MAD Lions,
  • SK Gaming
  • FC Schalke 04


ROGUE (13-5 Summer) vs FNATIC (9-9 Summer)

Head to Head - Rogue 2 : 0 Fnatic

First time these two teams met was in week 3 of the Summer Split. Larssen and Inspired dominated the game on Ryze and Olaf. Fnatic were looking very weak in the first half of Summer Split. Second time they met in week 7, and Fnatic was showing some signs of improvement before that game. Rogue quickly dismantled Fnatic with a great Larssen performance again, this time accompanied by basically everyone. Rogue died only 5 times out of 20 kills of the game.

Prediction: Rogue is the big favorite coming into this series. It would take quite a bit of team work to overcome some individual skill differences that were exposed in their previous two matches.

G2 Esports (11-7 Summer) vs MAD Lions (12-6 Summer)

Head to Head - G2 Esports 1 : 1 MAD Lions

It is so hard to judge G2 Esports in Summer Split. Their head to head is 1:1. G2 Esports lost to MAD Lions in Spring playoffs, just to come back and spank them in the later stage. MAD Lions improved a lot since then and G2 had a pretty shaky start to the split. But this is where MAD Lions have a chance to prove their worth.

Prediction: I would guess the odds of either team winning this series is 50/50. But I will predict G2 Esports coming out victorious in this series.

SK Gaming (9-9 Summer) vs FC Schalke 04 (8-10 Summer)

Head to Head - SK Gaming 2 : 0 FC Schalke 04

Nothing is stopping this Schalke train. From 1:10 to Playoffs. With the momentum and the confidence they received, I think it would be foolish to count Schalke out now. That said, Schalke lost to SK twice in the regular split ( first and fifth week ).

Prediction: FC Schalke 04 wins the series and moves on.

Infographic: LEC PLAYOFFS

Infographic: LEC PLAYOFFS

Infographic: LEC PLAYOFFS