This is it. Time of the year we will watch as the best teams in every region battle it out for spots in the 2021 World Championship.

START DATE: August 8

Two teams qualify for Worlds 2021 Main Event

One team qualifies for Worlds 2021 Play-In

Double Elimination bracket.

Matches are best of five.

Playoff matchups:

League of Legends: LCS Summer Playoffs

Cloud9 vs Team Liquid

Historic matchup score:

Cloud9   41 : 32  Team Liquid

2020 + 2021 matchup score:

Cloud9  14 : 9  Team Liquid

Currently Cloud9 holds a 5 win streak against Team Liquid. Including the very last game they played in the super week of LCS to guarantee a 4th place regular season finish. Prediction is clear in this matchup. Cloud9 will fight for a lot of things, holding an edge already. Team Liquid would have to bring something special into the bo5 series to win.

Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas

Historic matchup score:

Evil Geniuses  6 : 12  Dignitas

2020 + 2021 matchup score:

Evil Geniuses  5 : 5  Dignitas

EG might have not won a lot of games against Dignitas in the past, but in the last two years, they seemed to be a very evenly matched teams. But at the very end of the season, EG won two in a row. Either way, this should be a very close series.


Cloud9 3:1 Team Liquid

Evil Geniuses 3:2 Dignitas

We just go by stats in this place. These two teams hold ever so slight edges, I think those will be enough to translate into bo5 wins.