League of Legends Championship 2022 is about to begin. In this short article I want to go through the teams and their rosters. Remember where they stood in the previous season and just to introduce the general population that might stumble upon this article, who will actually play in the LCS 2022?

100 Thieves

Top: Ssumday / Tenacity

Jungle: Closer

Mid: Abbedagge

Adc: FBI

Support: huhi

New jungler for 100 Thieves. Very few changes. And considering that 100 Thieves won first place in the LCS 2021 Summer Split, this means they are not really trying to fix what isn’t broken.


Top: Summit

Jungle: Blaber

Mid: Fudge

Adc: Berserker

Support: Winsome

A very interesting move by Cloud9. Third place finishers of 2021 Summer split go on a spree of various changes. Fudge goes from top lane to mid to replace Perkz who went back to Europe. Blaber stays in the jungle with Zven being replaced by Berserker and Vulcan being replaced by Winsome.


Top: Jenkins

Jungle: Contractz

Mid: Palafox

Adc: Luger

Support: Poome

CLG basically just threw their whole lineup away and worked from scratch. New top lane, Jenkins replaced Finn. Contractz replaced Broxah in the jungle. Pobelter replaced Palafox in the mid lane. Luger and Poome replaced WildTurtle and Smoothie. It will be really interesting to see how this lineup does in 2022, but one thing is for sure, they can’t really place any lower than their dead last 10th place in the 2021 summer split.


Top: FakeGod

Jungle: River

Mid: Blue

Adc: Neo

Support: Biofrost

Dignitas placed 7-8th place in the 2021 Summer split. New jungler! River replaced Dardoch and Akaadian. New Mid laner - Blue replaced Yusui and Soligo. And Dignitas now has a new support - Biofrost, who replaced aphromoo.

Evil Geniuses

Top: Impact

Jungle: Inspired

Mid: jojopyun

Adc: Danny

Support: Vulcan

Evil Geniuses placed 5-6th during the 2021 Summer split. EG went with the same top laner and adc, but replaced everyone else. Inspired replaced Svenskeren and Contractz in the Jungle. Jojopyun replaced Jiizuke in the mid lane. Vulcan replaced IgNar in the support role.


Top: Kumo

Jungle: Josedeodo

Mid: toucouille

Adc: Johnsun

Support: aphromoo

Seems like NA is rebuilding almost from its core. A lot of reshuffling of members but also a lot of brand new faces. FlyQuest finished 9th place in the 2021 Summer split. Now they settled on a lineup that hopefully will perform better, since the team had a lot of different players play games in previous year. Top lane - Kumo remained. In the Jungle - Josedeodo. Brand new mid player - toucouille. And a new support player - aphromoo, who is a complete veteran in NA.

Golden Guardians

Top: Licorice

Jungle: Pridestalkr

Mid: Ablazeolive

Adc: Lost

Support: Olleh

7-8th place finishers of 2021 Summer split - Golden Guardians go into this split with quite a cleanup in their roster, as most teams in LCS. In the Top lane, Licorice remains the sole player. Pridestalkr took the jungle spot away from the iconic. Mid remained the same. And a brand new bot lane - Lost and Olleh replaced Stixxay and Chime.


Top: Revenge

Jungle: Xerxe

Mid: PowerOfEvil

Adc: WildTurtle

Support: Destiny

Immortals placed 5-6th place during Summer split of 2021. Now they decided to recruit the popular streamer Destiny… Just kidding, but they do have some changes in their lineup. New mid lane - PowerOfEvil replaced Insanity and Pretty. New ADC - WildTurtle, a veteran of LCS replaced Raes. Destiny remained in the support role.

Team Liquid

Top: Bwipo

Jungle: Santorin

Mid: Bjergsen

Adc: Hans Sama

Support: CoreJJ

Team Liquid took second place in the 2021 Summer split and decided to throw all of it out the window and rebuild. Makes sense. Bwipo came from the EU, from Jungle role, which he played for half a split to his original role as Top laner. Santorin remained in the jungle. Bjergsen came out of retirement and was a coach for a year playing mid lane. We are all curious how that stunt will go. Hans Sama came from Europe and replaced Tactical in the Adc role. What a roster to witness in action.


Top: Huni

Jungle: Spica

Mid: Keaiduo

Adc: Tactical

Support: Shenyi

4th place finisher in 2021 Summer split. Same top lane, same jungler. New mid laner Keaiduo who replaced PowerOfEvil. And a brand new bot lane - Tactical and Shenyi replaced Lost and SwordArt. Let's also mention the new coach, because as mentioned above, Bjergsen left to play again.

Due to multiple issues related to COVID-19, TSM decided to field their Academy roster.

Top: V1per

Jungle: Hyper

Mid: Takeover

Adc: Instinct

Support: Yursan