League of Legends Champions Korea 2021

LCK 2021


Top Lane: Khan

Jungle: Canyon

Mid Lane: ShowMaker

Marksman: Ghost

Support: BeryL

Previously known as DAMWON Gaming, they are the defending champions of Worlds 2020. They won LCK 2020 Summer, Worlds 2020 and KeSPA Cup 2020 without any real competition. Undoubtedly one of the contenders to win the entire thing again.

Previously they placed 5-8th in Worlds 2019, losing 1:3 against G2 Esports. The organization was renamed to DWG KIA from early in 2021. Since then they won LCK 2021 Spring and Summer splits both in regular season standings and playoffs. They also placed 2nd in MSI 2021. Losing the final 2:3 to RNG.


Top Lane: Rascal

Jungle: Clid

Mid Lane: Bdd

Marksman: Ruler

Support: Life

Gen.G is the second seed from Korea. Although they lost in Summer playoffs to T1 and finished third, they had enough championship points to qualify as second seed. They have been consistently performing against every team in LCK. Gen.G will not attend worlds for the first time. They represented Korea in Worlds 2018, where they placed 13-16th. Without making it out of the group stage of the Main Event. They also played in Worlds 2020, where they placed in 5-8th place. They got knocked out 0:3 by G2 Esports. I remember they were considered really good contenders but somewhat choked and got crushed by the European powerhouse G2.


Top Lane: Canna

Jungle: Oner

Mid Lane: Faker

Marksman: Teddy / Gumayusi

Support: Keria

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction. T1 (previously known as SKT / SK Telecom T1) are the most accomplished team in the world. And they still play with Faker, the best league of legends player the world has ever seen. Even though there are players now, who can challenge Faker. No one really comes close to his legacy.
You can check out our latest infographic about Faker here

The organization has attended worlds plenty of times under their previous name, but this is the first time they will represent their region at worlds as T1.

Worlds History as SK Telecom T1

Worlds 2013 - 1st place. Defeated Royal Club 3:0

Worlds 2015 - 1st place. Defeated KOO Tigers 3:1

Worlds 2016 - 1st place. Defeated Samsung Galaxy 3:2

Worlds 2017 - 1nd place, Lost 0:3 to Samsung Galaxy

Worlds 2019 - 3-4th place. Lost 1:3 to G2 Esports.

Hanwha Life Esports

Top Lane: Morgan

Jungle: Willer

Mid Lane: Chovy

Marksman: Deft

Support: Vsta

The fourth seed from Korea. They will have to fight through the Play-In stage of Worlds 2021 to be able to compete for the title. While they have a few accomplished players in their roster, they have not yet competed at worlds. The organization started playing in 2018, they had somewhat mediocre results domestically. Before that they were known as ROX Tigers. With plenty of various roster swaps, they managed to scrape by and quality for worlds. It will be interesting to see how well they will fare against teams from other regions.

Tencent League of Legends Pro League

LPL 2021

EDward Gaming

Top Lane: Flandre

Jungle: Jiejie / JunJia

Mid Lane: Scout

Marksman: Viper

Support: Meiko

EDward Gaming will represent LPL as the first seed from China. Winning a somewhat surprising series against FPX in the final, but not that surprising. A veteran of the competitive scene.

Worlds History:

Worlds 2014: 5-8th place, eliminated 2:3 vs Star Horn Royal Club

Worlds 2015: 5-8th place, eliminated 0:3 vs Fnatic

Worlds 2016: 5-8th place, eliminated 1:3 by ROX Tigers

Worlds 2017: 12-13th place, eliminated in group stage.

Worlds 2018: 5-8th place, eliminated 1:3 by Fnatic

They sure like losing to Fnatic in worlds, giving all EU fans hope this year too.

FunPlus Phoenix

Top Lane: Nuguri

Jungle: Tian

Mid Lane: Doinb

Marksman: Lwx

Support: Crisp

Second seed from LPL this year. Worlds 2019 Winners. (Defeated G2 Esports 3:0 in the grand final) They are surely a force to be reckoned with. Currently, quite a few people expect them to win the entire thing, so a team to fear. Also Doinb seems on a complete tear this year.

Royal Never Give Up

Top Lane: Xiaohu

Jungle: Wei

Mid Lane: Cryin

Marksman: GALA

Support: Ming

One of the most legendary teams from China. Latest MSI 2021 Winner. We might witness the legendary T1 vs RNG rematch, which went T1’s way previously. The only LPL representative with a full Chinese roster.

Worlds History:

Worlds 2016: 5-8th place, lost 1:3 vs SK Telecom T1

Worlds 2017: 3-4th place, lost 2:3 vs SK Telecom T1

Worlds 2018: 5-8th place, lost 2:3 vs G2 Esports

Worlds 2019: 9-12th place, eliminated in group stage.

LNG Esports

Top Lane: Ale

Jungle: Tarzan

Mid Lane: icon

Marksman: Light

Support: Iwandy

LNG Esports will be the fourth team to represent LPL, but they will have to go through the Play-In stage to have a shot. The team was previously known as Snake Esports. They rebranded to LNG Esports in 2019. They never played at Worlds. They never competed in MSI. They are very unknown compared to the rest of the world attendants from the main regions. Still, coming out of the very dangerous LPL region, already requires respect from anyone who will have to play them.