Kill Participation is an interesting stat in competitive play. Some people think it's pretty important, some think it's next to useless. I don’t want to tell you what to think, but I do want to show you some data. First let's take a look at Europe. I will list every team with the member with highest Kill participation.

League of Legends: Kill Participation. EU / NA / KR

* I excluded Markoon because he only played 4 games, his KP is currently 82% after 4 games.

** Dardoch played 7 games and had 85.9% KP.

*** Tono, Nxi and Triple were excluded because of very few games played.

**** Arthur played more games but has lower KP 74.2% but yoHan played 9 games, which is not a very small sample size, so decided to include him here.


Europe - 7 Junglers, 2 Supports, 2 Mid laners.

MAD Lions have Mid laner and Jungler at exactly the same kill participation.

Highest KP from Misfits Esports - Razork - 79.3% (Jungle)

Lowest “highest KP” from G2 Esports - Mikyx - 68.2% (Support)

North America - 6 Junglers, 2 Tops, 2 ADC, 1 Support.

100 Thieves have Jungle and ADC with the same kill participation

Highest KP from Team Liquid - Alphari 78.8% (Top)

Lowest “highest KP” from Evil Geniuses - Impact - 67.5% (Top)

Korea - 5 Junglers, 3 ADC, 2 Mid laners.

Highest KP from DRX - Pyosik - 81.1% (Jungle)

Lowest “highest KP” from Gen.G - Ruler - 65.7% (ADC)

It is pretty fascinating, how no other region apart from North America has TOP LANERS as highest kill participation in their team. Two teams have that. How? No idea. As expected the list is dominated by Junglers, but far less so in Korea, where we see 3 ADC’s take control.

I am not sure what conclusions can be learned here. Maybe Europe plays a lot more “farm adc” style and their ADC’s don’t get involved as much early, which is contrasted by Korea, where ADC’s try to do a lot more all game to have an impact. Maybe North America plays around their strong Top Laners a lot more, or rely on their teleport plays a lot more. But I think the results are significant enough to call these differences actually valuable, not just a fluke in statistics.