Katarina was released on September 19th, 2009. 12 years ago. So let's go through some of the information available about the champion and how well she performed competitively.


  • Katarina has 13 skins. Latest being released 10th of December, 2020.
  • Recently patched in patch v11.10 ( May 12th, 2021) - her movement speed was increased by +5.
  • Katarina is voiced by Tara Platt
  • Katarina’s name comes from Greek word Αἰκατερίνα/η, possibly after a greek goddess Hecate.
  • Katarina’s family name is “Du Couteau”, which means “of the knife” in French.
  • Her daggers were crafted in real life by a youtube channel.
  • Katarina is somewhere between 20-30 years old.
  • Katarina is Cassiopeia’s older sister.

Competitive History:

2015: 20 games 65% win rate

Most played by Doinb - 7 games 42.9% win rate. PawN played her 4 times, winning all four games.

2016: 0 games played

A rough year for Katarina. Not picked a single time in competitive play.

2017: 26 games 38.5% win rate

Most played by - CozQ - 5 games, 20% win rate. Notably in second place was Faker, who played her 4 games winning 3 of them.

2018: 0 games played

Another year, watching the esports scene from the sidelines for Katarina.

2019: 2 games, 100% win rate

Two games are better than none, but still, the champion is dead. And both of these games were played by ShowMaker, what a surprise!

2020 & 2021: 0 games played

The champion definitely needs help. Loved by various one tricks and boosters in solo queue, but next to never played in competitive play.