Released 11 years ago, on November 16th of 2010. Irelia was one of the most contested champions in Worlds 2021 and is constantly the topic of debate. Some say she is broken and needs balance, some say she is fine. In this short article, I want to go through some trivia and then dive into her competitive history, just to see how well she does at the highest levels of play.


  • Irelia has 11 skins. Latest being released 122 days ago.
  • Irelia is voiced by Cherami Leigh
  • Irelia is 24 years old according to the lore.
  • Irelia’s favourite soup is pickled lotus.
  • During the Noxian invasion of Ionia. General Swain led the attack force and held Irelia captive when she was 14 years old. She broke away, attacked, killed a bunch of the generals and severed Swain’s left arm. This event eventually turned the tide of battle.

Competitive History

2015: 230 games 46.1% win rate

Irelia starts off pretty strong at least by the number of games played in 2015. But her win rate was one of the lowest. Most played by Skye from Team King. 13 games 53.8% win rate.

2016: 220 games 51.4% win rate

Very similar stats to 2015, with just a large increase in her win rate. In contrast previous year, 2016 offered the highest win rate for Irelia over the years.

Most played by Team Liquid’s Lourlo - 16 games 50% win rate.

2017: 12 games 25% win rate

The year Irelia took a break. Barely played and barely won any games. Most played by Phaxi from Team ROCCAT. Who played 2 games and won one of them. There were 10 other played who tried her one game each but only Yang and Kobbe won their games. Irelia’s rework roadmap was planned and she received a full on rework in 2018.

2018: 238 games 49.2% win rate

A clear resurgence of Irelia in 2018. A lot of games are played with a reasonable win rate. EDward Gaming’s Scout played 11 games with a 72.7% win rate. Tied in first place with Topsports Gaming’s Corn - 11 games, 63.6% win rate.

2019: 295 games 46.1% win rate

Another reasonable year for Irelia. Although her win rate dipped to 2015’s level, she was still played almost 300 games. Most played by Griffin’s Chovy - 12 games 75% win rate.

2020: 79 games 49.4% win rate

Irelia was replaced by a few newer champions that just did everything better. She was contested only in 10% of her games in Worlds 2020. Most played by APK Prince’s Cover - 6 games 16.7% win rate. Not the best result for a player who played Irelia the most in 2020.

2021: 120 games 50.8% win rate

Irelia was one of the most contested champions in Worlds 2021 Play-In stage - 94.7% of games. And in the Main-Event she was contested  65.1% of games. She was the most banned champion in the main event.

Her win rate is good, even though not a huge amount of games are played. Which is not very surprising, considering how many times she was banned.

Most played by Breathe from Team WE. 8 games 75% win rate.