ShowMaker is coming to MSI. The current mid laner world champion. Only played for DAMWON basically his whole career. Team now rebranded as DWG KIA.

ShowMaker results are kinda weird. His results in LCK are amazing. Competing against some of the strongest teams in the world and being in the top4 of every split. Winning 3 of them. But then in the KeSPA Cup, results were very mediocre except the last one, where they won it all.

The Worlds is also a different story. Only two attendances, first time he took 5-8th place, next time he won it all. A lot of people say ShowMaker is incredible at making plays and creating advantages. It will be really fun to see if hype is warranted and how well he will perform in the upcoming MSI.

P.S. look at the KDA’s of this guy. Actually unbelievable.

League of Legends Infographic: DWG KIA ShowMaker