Zven had a quite long career in League of Legends already and it doesn’t seem it's slowing down any time soon. Five official Pentakills under his belt (2 of them recently in the same series against 100 Thieves.

Very early in his career, he played for Origen in Europe. 2015 was his first showing and highest placement in Worlds with Origen - 3-4th place. After that he joined G2 Esports. And while the regular splits in LEC were really good, Worlds performances really weren’t. Finishing 13-16th and 9-11th in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

In 2018 he joined TSM and went to NA. Struggling in the LCS, Zven was part of TSM the only two years they did not make it to Worlds.

In 2020 He joined Cloud9. Again, not making to worlds, but having a lot better results in Spring (1st place) and Summer split (4th place).

Actually, Zven never made it to worlds from NA. But I am expecting 2021 will be great for him, so far dominating the region with Perkz coming over to NA, it is looking good.

Also including links to watch his pentakills. (I could not find his earliest and only pentakill from europe):

2018 - Kai’Sa

2019 - Xayah

2021 - Miss Fortune #1

2021 - Miss Fortune #2

League of Legends Infographic: Zven