Viper is a young player from South Korea, currently playing for China’s EDward gaming. He started up his competitive games very strong in 2018, alongside Griffin taking second place in LCK Summer and showing up as a young new potential. In 2019, Griffin took second place in both spring and summer. They took 5-8th place at Worlds 2019.

Then year 20220 came along and Viper took 10th place in Spring with Griffin and 9th place in Summer with Hanwha Life. A horrible performance which led to Viper joining up with EDward gaming and moving to China. 2021 was a lot better in that region for Viper, 3rd in spring and 1st in summer, Viper is currently in the grand final of the World Championship. What a turnaround! The grand final will take place a few days after the time of writing this article, but regardless the result, Viper truly restarted his career in 2021.

League of Legends Infographic: Viper