Upset has been around the scene for about 5 years. Starting off in Challenger Series he performed great with his team, especially in the second year. After that, he was picked up for the big boy league by Schalke 04. He spent almost three years there. Having pretty bad Spring splits and really good summer splits it was never enough to go to worlds though. Sometimes, tragically close but yet so far.

Later on picked up by Origen for almost a year. They had a good start, finishing 4th in the Spring split but then dead last at 10th in the summer split.

Upset seemed like a player stuck in the middle. With nothing really going for him and never making a name for himself. This year though, he was picked up by Fnatic. To replace one of the most legendary players Europe has ever seen - Rekkles. And what big shoes that is to fill. With every passing week, we saw Fnatic either dominate or struggle while trying the limits of their new play-style. And now, Fnatic are in a really good spot, went to playoffs and just won their first series against SK Gaming. And Upset was brilliant.

In an interview after the game, Upset said that the team really enabled him this series and it really showed. I don’t want to curse the guy, he obviously had very little luck and very few chances to really shine, hopefully this year will be the year of the Upset. I really feel his true legacy starts with Fnatic.

League of Legends Infographic: Upset