One of the first and most iconic teams in League of Legends history. I am trying something new this week, so this is sort of infographic of the whole team. Their LCS performance and Worlds performance. Also member activity history visualised.

Please note that it would be very difficult to fit every member that ever played for TSM. The list is too big. So I tried to include the players who were on the team as active players for at least a year. Some of the players that didn’t make the list were either in there for too short or in substitute roles. For example Lustboy played and then joined the analyst team on TSM, so not sure how to display that. This is the first time I am trying a team based infographic, more and hopefully improved ones will follow.

League of Legends Infographic: Hylissang

Either way, TSM had a very long career in League of Legends. They started off strong in season1 but that was pretty much the highest they achieved internationally. You heard all the jokes about TSM at worlds, I am just interested in showing you the stats. A very mediocre team when it comes to worlds competition. Barely reaching 50% win rate sometimes. Last 3 years they either didn't play at all or didn’t win a single game when they did.

LCS doesn’t really show a better story. TSM had a few years where they were really strong, notably 2017. But other than that, they sit in the middle of the pack. Steadily making playoffs but not really dominating the region like we have seen some other teams do.

Currently TSM rebuilt their team from scratch. After Bjergsen left they had no other option but to drastically change everything up. So their results might improve with time, when the new players play together a bit more.