Svenskeren most likely won't play in either LCS or LEC this year. He is not the only one of the veteran players who won’t. With this, I wanted to sum up the record of the player, after all he gave almost a decade to the scene.

He started his path in Europe, with mediocre results in EU LCS. Good year in 2014, but nothing else. Then he moved to NA and shined. The best years Svenskeren had was with TSM. At the top of the league domestically and as is often the case with NA, poor showings internationally. After TSM, he played for Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses. In 2018, he played very few games for C9, played a bit for the Academy team, but eventually played in Worlds 2018 and made a really deep run with Cloud9. Then followed a few mediocre years with no Worlds showings. Currently with a future in the unknown.

League of Legends Infographic: Svenskeren