Santorin had a very long and interesting career. He is a player who seems to never really reached his peak yet. Started off in EU, went to NA, back to EU again for a few months and back to NA Played in the main league in both regions, also had to play in challenger leagues. His true success started showing up just recently.

He was struggling with the majority of his teams, including FlyQuest in the first year. Santorin is a player that has definitely had to fight for his survival in the big leagues. Currently with Team Liquid, had the best year of his career in 2021. Two second places finishes in regular split, just shy of the gold. Also had two second place finishes in 2020 with FlyQuest. Next year is set up to be his best yet, with slow but steady improvements over the years, he is currently in a very promising lineup of Team Liquid. Bwipo is hungry to prove himself in a new region. Bjergsen is looking to prove to everyone that he still has it. Hans Sama came from the EU same as Bwipo, trying to dominate a different region. Or, another school of thought, this is a lineup of washed up players who are way past their prime. So.. good luck Santorin!

League of Legends Infographic: Santorin