We take a turn this week and cover one of the most famous players from South Korea - Rookie.

Quite a long career for this player, 23 years old, already been at the top of the game for 6 years.

First few of those were kinda sub-par, but then in 2018, Rookie went on and won the World Championship and dominated the LPL with almost 75% win rate.

He played for KT Rolster Arrows very early on, but then moved to China in 2014 and played with Invictus Gaming for the majority of his career.

League of Legends Infographic: Rookie

We can draw a lot of conclusions about the variance of results of his team. Dominating 2018 Spring split with a score of 18:1 just to fall under pressure in the playoffs. Multiple times, IG upset a very strong team just to lose a series against a considered weaker team. They seem to be playing a high variance style that can either burn them, or bring on the glory.